Alroy Road, N4

Place Name

The Wondrous Tale of Alroy is the sixth novel written by Benjamin Disraeli before he became Prime Minister. Set in the 12th-century Middle East, it tells the story of a prince’s adventures, or rather misadventures since he appears to have nothing but bad luck. After meeting a mystic, he is then kidnapped, lost in a desert, stabbed and left for dead, fails in a coup and is eventually beheaded. The novel was panned by critics and even the author admitted it was terrible. This is one of a cluster of roads named after Disraeli novels the others are Sybil Mews, Venetia Road, Tancred Road, Coningsby Road, Endymion Road and Lothair Road. On nearby Lothair Road sits the Beaconsfield Hotel and Pub. The pub was built in 1886, a decade after Disraeli became the first Earl Of Beaconsfield. It is from here that the local roads sourced the inspiration for their names.

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