Perth Road, N4

Place Name

One of a small cluster of streets named after books written by the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott whose tales of heroic figures of the past helped establish the historical novel genre. He is probably best known for his works Ivanhoe and Rob Roy. Developers frequently drew influence for street names from popular literature and Scott’s successes in the early 19thCentury made him a prime candidate for this treatment. This street name is thought to have been inspired by his 1848 novel, The Fair Maid of Perth set in 1400. The plot follows the tribulations of an armourer who thwarts the attempted abduction of his love, despite her rejecting him. After several bloodthirsty adventures culminating in meeting his love-rival on the battlefield, he renounces his violent ways and wins the heart of the young woman. Other streets with a Scott connection are Woodstock Road and Waverley Place.

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