London’s street name origins revealed. Find your street, and click on the link to find out how the street got its name.  A gazetteer or dictionary of street names across every London borough, with many more to follow. To use scroll through the A to Z to find a place name you are interested in and click on the link to find a brief history of its origin, how the road, street, path or avenue got its name and what it means. From the strange to the mundane, the obvious to the sublime, the weird and wonderful from ancient by-ways to modern estates, revealing short histories of the area, its people and their connection (if there is one) with the local district. And if you have any information of a missing street or even of one already featured please let us know so that we can update the website. Now with over 2,500 streets.

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Aaron Hill Road, E6

Abbey Crescent, DA17

Abbedydale Road, HA0

Abbey Road, DA6

Abchurch Lane, EC4N

Abercorn Crescent, HA2

Aberdare Close, BR4

Aberfeldy Street, E14

Abridge Road, IG7

Acacia Road, BR3

Acacia Road, E11

Adam’s Court, EC2N

Addington Road, BR4

Aden Road, EN3

Adler Street, E1

Agdon Street, EC1V

Agister Road, IG7

Agricola Place, EN1

Ainsworth Road, E9

Alan Hocken Way, E15

Albany Close, DA5

Albany Mews, BR1

Albemarle Road, BR2

Albemarle Road, BR3

Albemarle Way, EC1V

Albert Road, DA5

Albion Road, DA6

Albuhera Close, EN2

Albyfield, BR1

Aldborough Road North, IG2

Aldermanbury, EC2V

Aldersbrook Road, E11

Aldersmead Road, BR3

Alers Road, DA6

Alderton Hall Lane, IG10

Alderton Hill, IG10

Alexander Close, DA15

Alexandra Crescent, BR1

Alexandra Road, DA8

Alex Guy Gardens, RM8

Alfred Mews, WC1E

Alfred Place, WC1E

Alfred Road, DA17

Algers Close, IG10

Algers Road, IG10

Allens Road, EN3

Allgood Street, E2

Allhallows Lane, EC4R

Alma Place, CR7

Alma Road, BR5

Alma Road, DA15

Alma Terrace, E3

Almond Close, BR2

Almond Way, BR2

Alperton Lane, HA0

Alroy Road, N4

Alsike Road, DA18

Amazon Street, E1

Ambler Road, N4

Ambrose Close, BR6

Amen Corner, EC4M

America Square, EC3N

Amethyst Road, E15

Amhurst Road, E8

Ampere Way, CR0

Ampleforth Road, SE2

Amwell Street, EC1R

Amwell Street, N1

Andover Road, N7

Andre Street, E8

Anerley Road, SE19

Angel Court, EC2R

Angel Street, EC1A

Angerstein Lane, SE3

Anglesea Road, BR5

Anna Neagle Close, E7

Anne Way, IG6

Annie Besant Close, E3

Annis Road, E9

Anthem Way, E20

Anthony Road, DA16

Apollo Avenue, BR1

Apothecary Street, EC4V

Apple Road, E11

Applegarth Road, SE28

Appold Street, DA7

Arabia Hill, E4

Aragon Drive, IG6

Arbour Square, E1

Arbuthnot Lane, DA5

Arcadia Avenue, N3

Arcadian Road, DA5

Archer Road, BR5

Archibald Road, N7

Archway Road, N2

Arcus Road, BR1

Ardfillan Road, SE6

Ardgowan Road, SE6

Argus Close, RM7

Argyle Street, WC1H

Argyle Square, WC1H

Argyle Walk, WC1H

Arkley Drive, EN5

Arkley Lane, EN5

Arkley View, EN5

Arlington Way, EC1R

Armagh Road, E3

Armstrong Close, BR1

Arnold Circus, E2

Arnsberg Way, DA6

Arrowsmith Road, IG7

Artesian Walk, E11

Arthingworth Street, E15

Artillery Lane, EC2M

Arundel Close, E15

Ascham Drive, E4

Ascham End, E17

Ascot Close, UB5

Ashanti Mews, E8

Ashburton Avenue, CR0

Ashcroft Avenue, DA15

Ashcroft Crescent, DA15

Asher Way, E1W

Ashfield Lane, BR7

Ash Row, BR2

Aske Street, N1

Aspen Gardens, CR4

Atalanta Close, CR8

Athelstan Way, BR5

Athelstan Road, KT1

Atherton Road, E15

Athol Road, DA8

Atkinson Road, E16

Atterbury Road, N4

Attlee Close, CR7

Attlee Road, SE28

Attlee Road, UB4

Attwood Close, CR2

Aubert Park, N5

Audley Road, EN2

Austin Friars, EC2N

Austin Friars Passage, EC2N

Austin Friars Square, EC2N

Avebury Road, BR6

Ave Maria Lane, EC4M

Avenons Road, E13

Aventine Avenue, CR4

Avery Hill Road, DA15

Avondale Road, DA16

Avondale Road, E17

Axtaine Road, BR5

Aylett Road, RM14

Aylmer Road, N2


Back Hill, EC1R

Back Lane, DA5

Bacon Lane, HA8

Bacon’s Lane, N6

Baden Powell Close, KT6

Bader Close, CR8

Bainbridge Street, WC1A

Baird Street, EC1Y

Bakers Avenue, E17

Bakers Hall Court, EC3R

Bakers Hill, E5

Baker’s Row, EC1R

Balaam Street, E13

Balaclava Road, KT6

Baldwin’s Gardens, EC1N

Baldwin Street, EC1V

Balfour Road, IG1

Balmes Road, N1

Baltic Street East, EC1Y

Baltimore Close, DA17

Banbury Road, E9

Bangor Close, UB5

Banner Street, EC1Y

Barclay Road, E13

Barham Close, HA0

Barking Road, E6

Barking Road, E13

Barley Lane, IG3

Barley Mow Passage, EC1A

Barnabus Road, E9

Barnardo Drive, IG6

Barnehurst Avenue, DA7

Barnes Close, E12

Barnesdale Crescent, BR5

Barnet Grove, E2

Barnmead Road, BR3

Baroness Road, E2

Barry Avenue, DA7

Barter Street, WC1A

Bartholomew Close, EC1A

Bartholomew Lane, EC2N

Bartholomew Lane, EC2R

Bartlett Court, EC4A

Basinghall Avenue, EC2R

Basire Street, N1

Bastion Highwalk, EC2Y

Bateman’s Row, EC2A

Bazalgette Close, KT3

Bazalgette Gardens, KT3

Beacham Close, SE7

Beacontree Avenue, E17

Bean Road, DA6

Beauchamp Road, E7

Beaulieu Avenue, E16

Beaver Road, IG6

Beck Road, E8

Beckenham Grove, BR2

Beckenham Lane, BR1

Beckton Road, E16

Beckwith Road, SE24

Beddington Road, BR5

Beddington Lane, CR0

Bedford Place, WC1A

Bedford Way, WC1H

Bedivere Road, BR1

Bedlam Mews, SE11

Bedwell Road, DA17

Beech Avenue, DA15

Beech Grove, IG6

Beech Hill, EN4

Beech Street, EC2Y

Beehive Lane, IG4

Beehive Passage, EC3V

Beeton Close, HA5

Belitha Villas, N1

Belgrove Street, WC1H

Bellamy Drive, HA7

Bell Wharf Lane, EC4R

Belmont Avenue, EN4

Belmont Road, DA8

Belmont Lane, BR7

Belsham Street, E9

Belvedere Road, DA7

Bendish Road, E6

Bensham Lane, CR7

Benson Road, CR0

Bentham Road, E9

Ben Tillet Close, E16

Benton Road, IG2

Bere Street, E1W

Berger Road, E9

Bernard Cassidy Street, E16

Bernard Street, WC1H

Berrylands, KT5

Berry Street, EC1V

Bethell Avenue, E13

Betjeman Close, CR5

Betts Way, SE20

Betula Close, CR8

Bevan Road, EN4

Beverley Way, KT3

Bevis Marks, EC3A

Bexley Road, DA7

Bickley Crescent, BR1

Bickley Park Road, BR1

Bickley Road, BR1

Bidborough Street, WC1H

Bidder Street, E16

Biggerstaff Street, N4

Biggin Hill, SE19

Biggin Hill, SW16

Bigginwood Road, SW16

Billet Road, E17

Billiter Street, EC3M

Bingham Road, CR0

Birchin Lane, EC3V

Birchmore Walk, N5

Birch Row, BR2

Birkbeck Road, BR3

Birkbeck Road, DA14

Birkbeck Road, E8

Birkbeck Road, IG2

Birkenhead Street, WC1H

Birnam Road, N4

Bishop Butt Close, BR6

Bishop Ken Road, HA3

Bishops Avenue, BR1

Bishopsgate, EC2M

Bishopsgate, EC2N

Bishops Walk, CR0

Blackall Street, EC2A

Blackbrook Lane, BR1

Blackbrook Lane, BR2

Blackfen Road, DA15

Black Friars Lane, EC4V

Blackhorse Lane, CR0

Black Horse Road, DA14

Blackwall Tunnel, E14

Blackwell Close, HA3

Blakeney Road, BR3

Blake’s Green, BR4

Blendon Road, DA5

Blomfield Street, EC2M

Bloomberg Arcade, EC2R

Bloomsbury Place, WC1A

Bloomsbury Street, WC1A

Blyth Road, BR1

Blyth Road, E17

Boar Close, IG7

Bohemia Place, E8

Bohun Grove, EN4

Boleyn Way, IG6

Bonar Place, BR7

Bond Court, EC4N

Bonhill Street, EC2A

Bonner Hill Road, KT1

Bonner Road, E2

Bostall Hill, SE2

Bostall Lane, SE2

Bostall Road, BR5

Boston Road, CR0

Botany Bay Lane, BR7

Botolph Lane, EC3M

Boundary Close, IG3

Boundary Road, E13

Boundary Street, DA8

Bouverie Road, CR5

Bouverie Street, EC4V

Bowes Close, DA15

Bow Lane, EC4M

Bowling Green Lane, EC1R

Bowman’s Place, N7

Boxford Close, CR2

Boxgrove Road, SE2

Box Tree Walk, BR5

Bracondale Road, SE2

Bradley Stone Road, E6

Braidwood Passage, EC1A

Brasher Close, UB6

Bread Street, EC2V

Bressey Grove, E18

Breton Highwalk, EC2Y

Brett Road, E8

Brettenham Avenue, E17

Brewhouse Lane, E1W

Brewhouse Yard, EC1V

Brewster Road, E10

Brickfield Road, CR7

Bridge Road, E17

Bridgen Road, DA5

Bridgewater Street, EC2Y

Brighton Drive, UB5

Brimpsfield Close, SE2

Briset Street, EC1M

Bristow Road, DA7

Britannia Walk, N1

Britton Street, EC1M

Broad Street Avenue, EC2M

Brocket Way, IG7

Brockley Grove, SE4

Brockley Road, SE4

Brockley View, SE23

Brograve Gardens, BR3

Bromholm Road, SE2

Bromley Hill, BR1

Bromley Street, BR1

Brompton Road, SW5

Bromwich Avenue, N6

Bronze Age Way, DA17

Brook Road, E5

Brooke Street, EC1N

Brooking Road, E7

Brooksbank Street, E9

Brooksby’s Walk, E5

Brooksby’s Walk, E9

Broomfield Road, DA6

Browning Road, EN2

Brownswood Road, N4

Broxbourne Road, E7

Bruce Road, EN5

Brushfield Street, EC2M

Bryantswood Road, N7

Bryn-y-Mawr Road, EN1

Buckland Road, E10

Bucklersbury, EC4N

Bulganak Road, CR7

Buller Road, CR7

Bullers Road, IG11

Bulls Cross, EN1

Bullsmoor Lane, EN1

Bunkers Hill, DA14

Bunning Way, N7

Buntingbridge Road, IG2

Burbage Road, SE24

Burcharbro Road, SE2

Burdett Close, DA14

Burdett Road, E3

Burges Road, E6

Burgos Close, CR0

Burgoyne Road, N4

Burnell Avenue, DA16

Burney Drive, IG10

Burnt Ash Lane, BR1

Burr Close, DA7

Burrow Close, IG7

Burton Close, CR7

Burton Place, WC1H

Burton Street, WC1H

Bury Place, WC1A

Bury Street, EC3A

Bush Hill, EN2

Bush Lane, EC4N

Butcher Row, E1W

Butler Road, HA1

Butlers Drive, E4

Bycullah Avenue, EN2

Byng Place, WC1E

Byng Place, WC1H

Byng Road, EN5

Byron Hill Road, HA1

Byward Street, EC3N


Calabria Road, N5

Calais Street, SW9

Calvert Close, DA14

Calvert Close, DA17

Calvert Road, EN5

Calvin Street, E1

Cambridge Heath Road, E1

Camden Grove, BR7

Camden Road, DA5

Cameron Close, DA5

Cameron Road, IG3

Camm Gardens, KT1

Camlet Way, EN4

Camomile Street, EC2N

Camwal Close, CR4

Canadian Avenue, SE6

Canal Close, E1

Canbury Avenue, KT2

Canning Road, CR0

Canning Road, E15

Cannon Road, DA7

Cannon Street, EC4M

Canonbury Crescent, N1

Canterbury Avenue, DA15

Capel Road, E7

Capel Road, EN1

Cardinal Drive, IG6

Carew Close, CR5

Carew Road, CR4

Carey Lane, EC2V

Carmelite Street, EC4Y

Cartwright Gardens, WC1H

Carver Road, SE24

Casino Avenue, SE24

Cassland Road, E9

Castle Baynard Street, EC4V

Catford Broadway, SE6

Cat Hill, EN4

Catherall Road, N5

Catherine Griffiths Court, EC1R

Catherine Wheel Alley, E1

Cattley Close, EN5

Cavendish Avenue, DA15

Cawnpore Street, SE19

Cayton Road, CR5

Cazenove Road, E5

Cecil Avenue, EN1

Cedar Avenue, DA15

Cedar Lawn Avenue, EN5

Cedar Road, EN2

Celebration Avenue, E20

Celtic Avenue, BR2

Cemetery Road, E7

Central Park Road, E6

Central Street, EC1V

Centurion Way, DA18

Chadwell Street, EC1R

Chalcombe Road, SE2

Chaldon Way, CR5

Chalgrove Road, E9

Chamberlain Crescent, BR4

Champion Road, RM14

Chancelot Road, SE2

Chandos Road, HA1

Chapman Place, N4

Chargeable Lane, E13

Charles Cobb Gardens, CR0

Charles Grinling Walk, SE18

Charles Sevright Way, NW7

Charlotte Road, EC2A

Charterhouse Street, EC1A

Charterhouse Street, EC1N

Charter Quay, KT1

Charter Road, KT1

Charter Square, KT1

Chartwell Drive, BR6

Chatham Avenue, BR2

Cheapside, EC2R

Cheering Lane, E20

Chelsfield Road, BR5

Cheltenham Close, UB5

Chenies Mews, WC1E

Chenies Street, WC1E

Cherry Orchard Road, BR2

Cherry Tree Road, N2

Cheshire Court, EC4A

Chessington Hill Park, KT9

Chessington Way, BR4

Chestnut Grove, IG6

Chequer Street, EC1Y

Cherry Garden Street, SE16

Cherry Hill, EN5

Cheyne Park Drive, BR4

Chichele Gardens, CR0

Chigwell Road, E18

Chigwell Lane, IG7

Chingford Avenue, E4

Chingford Road, E17

Chingford Lane, IG8

Chislehurst High Street, BR7

Chislehurst Road, BR1

Chislehurst Road, BR5

Chiswell Street, EC1Y

Cholmeley Park, N6

Christchurch Avenue, HA0

Christie Road, E9

Church Road, E12

Churchill Way, BR1

Churchmead Close, EN4

Cinnamon Street, E1W

Clapton Square, E5

Clapton Way, E5

Clarence Road, DA6

Clarence Road, E5

Clarence Street, KT1

Clarence Street, KT2

Claude Duval, TW4

Claude Road, E10

Claughton Road, E13

Clave Street, E1W

Claybury Broadway, IG5

Clay Hill, EN2

Cleeve Park Gardens, DA14

Clem Attlee Court, SW6

Clement Road, BR3

Clementina Road, E10

Clements Lane, EC4N

Clere Place, EC2A

Clerkenwell Road, EC1M

Clerkenwell Road, EC1R

Clifton Street, EC2A

Cloak Lane, EC4R

Cloth Fair, EC1A

Clothier Street, E1

Cloudesley Road, DA8

Clove Crescent, E14

Coates Close, CR7

Cockfosters Road, EN4

Cock Hill, E1

Cock Lane, EC1A

Cocksure Lane, DA14

Coke Street, E1

Colby Road, SE19

Coldbath Square, EC1R

Cold Blow Crescent, DA5

Coleman Street, EC2R

Colenso Road, E5

Colenso Road, IG2

Collard Close, CR8

College Gardens, IG4

College Hill Road, HA3

College Slip, BR1

Collingwood Avenue, KT5

Collingwood Close, TW2

Collingwood Road, CR4

Collingwood Road, N15

Collingwood Road, RM13

Colston Road, SW14

Colthurst Crescent, N4

Columbia Avenue, KT4

Colvin Gardens, IG6

Colyers Lane, DA8

Combwell Road, SE2

Comet Close, E12

Commonwealth Way, SE2

Coney Hill Road, BR4

Congress Road, SE2

Conical Corner, EN2

Coningsby Road, N4

Coniston Close, DA7

Connaught Road, E4

Cookes Close, E11

Cookham Dene Close, BR7

Cookhill Road, SE2

Coombe End, KT2

Coombe Ridings, KT2

Coombe Road, KT2

Coombe Wood Road, KT2

Cooper’s Row, EC3N

Copland Avenue, HA0

Copperfield Way, BR7

Copse Avenue, BR4

Copthall Avenue, EC2M

Copthall Avenue, EC2R

Coptic Street, WC1A

Coram Street, WC1H

Coram Street, WC1N

Corbicum, E11

Corfe Avenue, HA2

Corkscrew Hill, BR4

Cork Tree Way, E4

Cornhill, EC3V

Cornwaite Road, E5

Cornwallis Road, E17

Corporation Row, EC1R

Corsica Street, N5

Cotesbach Street, E5

Court Street, BR1

Cousin Lane, EC4R

Covert Road, IG6

Cowcross Street, EC1M

Cow Leaze, E6

Cowley Close, CR2

Cowper Road, DA16

Cowper’s Court, EC3V

Cowper Street, EC1Y

Craddock Road, EN1

Craig Road, CR7

Cranmer Close, HA7

Cranmer Road, CR0

Crawford Avenue, HA0

Crawford Passage, EC1R

Crease Park, BR3

Creechurch Lane, EC3A

Crescent, EC3N

Crescent East, EN4

Crescent Road, BR1

Crescent Row, EC1Y

Crestfield Street, WC1H

Cripplegate Street, EC1Y

Crofton Lane, BR6

Crofton Park Road, SE4

Croham Close, CR2

Crooked Usage, N3

Crook Log, DA6

Crombie Road, DA15

Cromer Street, WC1H

Cromwell Highwalk, EC2Y

Crossbow Road, IG7

Cross Lane, EC3R

Crosswall, EC3N

Crouch End Hill, N6

Crouch Hill, N4

Crowder Street, E1

Crowder Street, E1W

Crown Court, EC2V

Crownfield Road, E11

Crown Lane, BR7

Crown Office Row, EC4Y

Crown Street, HA1

Croydon Road, BR2

Croydon Road, BR4

Crumpsall Street, SE2

Crusader Gardens, CR0

Crusoe Road, CR4

Crystal Palace Park Road, SE26

Cubitt Steps, E14

Cudham Road, BR6

Culloden Road, EN2

Cullum Street, EC3M

Cunard Place, EC3A

Curran Avenue, DA15

Curry Rise, NW7

Curwen Avenue, E7

Custom House Walk, EC3R

Cutler Street, EC2M

Cutler Street, EC3A

Cyclops Mews, E14

Cypress Grove, IG6

Cyrus Street, EC1V

Czar Street, SE8


Dacre Road, E13

Daerwood Close, BR2

Dagenham Road, E10

Dallin Road, DA6

Dallington Street, EC1V

Dalston Lane, E8

Dames Road, E7

Damien Street, E1

Danbury Road, IG10

Daniell Way, CR0

Daniel Bolt Close, E14

Dansington Road, DA16

Danson Road, DA5

Darcy Close, CR5

Darwin Close, BR6

Dashwood Close, DA6

Davenant Street, E1

Davidson Road, CR0

David Twigg Close, KT2

Dawson Street, KT1

De Coubertin Street, E20

Defoe Close, SW17

Degema Road, BR7

De Lapre Close, BR5

Dellwood Gardens, IG5

De Luci Road, DA8

De Lucy Street, SE2

Denmark Road, BR1

Densham Drive, CR8

Dericote Street, E8

Desvignes Drive, SE13

Devenish Road, SE2

Dickens Drive, BR7

Dingley Place, EC1V

Distaff Lane, EC4M

Dobles Close, CR5

Doby Court, EC4R

Dollis Avenue, N3

Domingo Street, EC1V

Dominion Street, EC2M

Doncaster Drive, UB5

Doncaster Gardens, UB5

Dongola Road, E1

Dongola Road, E13

Dorrington Street, EC1N

Dorset Buildings, EC4Y

Dorset Rise, EC4Y

Douro Street, E3

Dove Road, N1

Downe Road, BR2

Downe Road, BR6

Downham Way, BR1

Downsell Road, E15

Downs Road, E5

Dragonet Road, BR1

Drapers Road, E15

Drapers Road, EN2

Driffield Road, E3

Drovers Road, CR2

Drury Road, HA1

Dryhill Road, DA17

Drysdale Avenue, E4

Duchy Road, EN4

Dudley Avenue, HA3

Dujardin Mews, EN3

Dukes Place, EC3A

Duke’s Road, WC1H

Dulwich Village, SE21

Dundee Way, EN3

Dunn Street, E8

Dunsfold Way, CR0

Dunster Court, EC3R

Durban Road, E15

Durban Road, IG2

Durrant Way, BR6

Dyers Buildings, EC1N

Dyers Hall Road, E11

Dykes Way, BR2

Dyott Street, WC1A


Eagle Court, EC1M

Eardley Road, DA17

Earlham Grove, E7

Earlstoke Street, EC1V

Early Mews, NW1

East Avenue, DA12

Eastbury Avenue, IG11

Eastbury Square, IG11

Eastcheap, EC3M

Eastcote Road, HA2

East Dulwich Road, SE22

Eastern Avenue, IG4

Eastern Road, E13

Eastern Way, DA18

East Ferry Road, E14

East Harding Street, EC4A

East India Way, CR0

East Smithfield, E1W

East Street, BR1

East Tenter Street, E1

Eden Street, KT1

Eden Way, BR3

Edington Road, SE2

Edgington Way, DA14

Ediswan Way, EN3

Edward Road, BR1

Edwards Avenue, HA4

Edward Temme Avenue, E15

Edwin Hall Place, SW13

Egan Close, CR8

Eighteenth Road, CR4

Elba Place, SE17

Eldon Street, EC2M

Elf Row, E1W

Elis Road, E20

Elmcroft Avenue, DA15

Elmhurst Drive, E18

Elmstead Lane, BR7

Elphinstone Street, N5

Elsinge Road, EN1

Ely Place, EC1N

Empire Way, HA9

Empress Drive, BR7

Endeavour Square, E20

Endsleigh Gardens, WC1H

Endsleigh Place, WC1H

Endsleigh Street, WC1H

Endymion Road, N4

Enfield Road, EN2

Engayne Gardens, RM14

Engineers Way, HA9

England’s Lane, IG10

Epping New Road, IG8

Epping New Road, IG10

Epsom Close, UB5

Epworth Street, EC1Y

Erith Road, DA6

Erith Road, DA7

Ermine Side, EN1

Esquiline Lane, CR4

Essenden Road, DA17

Essex Court, EC4Y

Ethelbert Road, BR1

Ethlebert Road, DA8

Ethronvi Road, DA7

Euston Road, WC1H

Evelyn Denington Road, E6

Everard Avenue, BR2

Exeter Road, EN3

Exmouth Market, EC1R

Eynsford Crescent, DA5

Eynsham Drive, SE2


Faesten Way, DA5

Fairchild Street, EC2A

Fairfield North, KT1

Fairfield Road, BR1

Fairfield Road, E3

Fairfield Road, KT1

Fairfield South, KT1

Fairlop Gardens, IG6

Fairlop Road, E11

Fairlop Road, IG6

Fakenham Close, UB5

Falcon Court, EC4Y

Falconer Road, IG6

Falcon Road, EN3

Falconwood Parade, DA16

Falkland Avenue, N3

Falkland Avenue, N11

Fallow Close, IG7

Fann Street, EC1Y

Faraday Way, CR0

Farewell Place, CR4

Farmilo Road, E17

Farnaby Road, BR1

Farnborough Common, BR2

Farr Road, EN2

Farringdon Road, EC1A

Farringdon Street, EC4A

Farrington Place, BR7

Farwig Lane, BR1

Fassett Road, KT1

Fawn Road, IG7

Featherbed Lane, CR0

Featherstone Street, EC1Y

Felixstowe Road, SE2

Felstead Road, IG9

Fencepiece Road, IG6

Fencepiece Road, IG7

Fenchurch Avenue, EC3M

Fenchurch Place, EC3R

Fenchurch Street, EC3A

Fenemore Road, CR8

Fernhall Drive, IG4

Fieldway Crescent, N5

Figge’s Road, CR4

Finchdale Road, SE2

Finch Lane, EC3V

Finchley Way, N3

Finsbury Pavement, EC2A

Finsbury Street, EC2Y

Fisher’s Way, DA17

Fish Street Hill, EC3M

Fish Street Hill, EC3R

Fladgate Road, E11

Flanders Road, E6

Flaxman Terrace, WC1H

Fleeming Road, E17

Fleet Street, EC4A

Fleet Street, EC4Y

Fletcher Road, IG7

Flodden Road, SE5

Florence Road, CR2

Folgate Street, EC2M

Fontwell Close, UB5

Forde Avenue, BR1

Fore Street, EC2Y

Forest View Avenue, E11

Forster Road, BR3

Fortis Green Avenue, N2

Fortune Street, EC1Y

Forty Hill, EN1

Foster Lane, EC2V

Founders’ Court, EC2R

Fournier Street, E1

Fowler Road, IG6

Fowler Street, N1

Fox and Knot Street, EC1M

Fox Burrow Road, IG7

Fox Close, BR6

Foxley Lane, CR8

Frankfurt Road, SE24

Franklin Way, CR0

Fraser Road, E10

Frederick’s Place, EC2R

Freelands Avenue, CR2

Freight Lane, N1C

Fremantle Road, DA17

French Ordinary Court, EC3M

Friar Road, BR5

Friday Hill, E4

Friday Road, CR4

Friday Street, EC4M

Friend Street, EC1V

Friswell Place, DA6

Frobisher Crescent, EC2Y

Frognal Place, DA14

Fruiterers Passage, EC4R

Fry Road, E6

Fullwell Avenue, IG5

Furnival Street, EC1N

Furze Road, CR7

Fye Foot Lane, EC4R


Galahad Road, BR1

Galen Place, WC1A

Gallions Close, IG11

Gallions Road, E16

Galpin’s Road, CR7

Gamuel Close, E17

Gantshill Crescent, IG2

Gareth Road, BR1

Garfield Road, EN3

Garlick Hill, EC4N

Garnault Mews, EC1R

Gascoyne Road, E9

Gattons Way, DA14

Gaysham Avenue, IG2

Geariesville Gardens, IG6

Geddes Place, DA6

Gee Street, EC1V

Geoff Cade Way, E3

George Lane, E18

George Lane, SE13

George Lovell Drive, EN3

George Street, CR0

George Peabody Street, E13

Geraint Road, BR1

Gerard Road, HA1

Gideon Close, DA17

Gilbert Place, WC1A

Gilbert Road, BR1

Gilbert Road, DA17

Gilbert Scott Close, HA0

Gillum Close, EN4

Giltspur Street, EC1A

Gipsy Road, SE19

Glacier Way, HA0

Glade Walk, E20

Gladstone Road, BR6

Gladstone Road, SW19

Glamis Road, E1

Glanville Road, BR1

Glasshouse Fields, E1W

Glasshouse Yard, EC1A

Globe Road, E2

Gloucester Way, EC1R

Glyn Road, E5

Goat Lane, EN1

Godfrey Place, E2

Godliman Street, EC4M

Godric Crescent, CR0

Godstone Road, CR8

Godstow Road, SE2

Godwin Road, BR1

Goldings Road, IG10

Goldsdown Road, EN3

Goldsmith Street, EC2V

Golf Road, CR8

Gollogly Terrace, SE7

Goodenough Way, CR5

Goodhart Way, BR4

Goodman’s Court, E1

Goodmayes Avenue, IG3

Goodmayes Lane, IG3

Goodmayes Road, IG3

Goods Way, N1C

Goodwin Drive, DA14

Goodwood Drive, UB5

Gophir Lane, EC4R

Gordon Avenue, HA7

Gordon Hill, EN2

Gordon Road, DA15

Gordon Square, WC1H

Gordon Street, WC1H

Gorsuch Street, E2

Goswell Road, EC1M

Gower Court, WC1E

Gower Mews, WC1E

Gower Place, WC1E

Gower Street, WC1E

Gracechurch Street, EC3V

Graham Road, DA6

Graham Road, HA3

Granary Square, N1C

Grand Walk, E1

Grant Place, CR0

Grant Road, CR0

Grape Street, WC1A

Grasmere Road, DA7

Gravel Lane, E1

Gravel Road, BR2

Gray’s Inn Road, EC1N

Great Bell Alley, EC2R

Great Central Avenue, HA4

Great Eastern Street, EC2A

Great Russell Street, WC1A

Great St Helens, EC3A

Great Swan Alley, EC2R

Great Tower Street, EC3R

Great Winchester Street, EC2N

Green Arbour Court, EC1A

Greenhill Rents, EC1M

Greening Street, SE2

Greenman Street, N1

Greensted Road, IG10

Green Terrace, EC1R

Greenways, BR3

Gresham Drive, IG3

Gresham Street, EC2R

Greville Avenue, CR2

Greville Street, EC1M

Greystoke Place, EC4A

Griggs Close, IG3

Grovebury Road, SE2

Grove Hill, E18

Guildhall Yard, EC2V

Gunpowder Square, EC4A

Gun Street, E1

Gutter Lane, EC2V

Guyatt Gardens, CR4

Guy Street, SE1

Gwilliam Close, DA15

Gwydor Road, BR3


Hackney Road, E1

Haggerston Road, E8

Haig Road East, E13

Hailey Road, DA18

Hainault Road, E11

Hainault Road, IG6

Hale End Road, E4

Hale End Road, E17

Half Moon Court, EC1A

Halifax Road, EN2

Haling Down Passage, CR2

Haling Down Passage, CR8

Hallowell Gardens, CR7

Hall Place Crescent, DA5

Hall Road, E15

Halton Road, CR8

Halt Robin Road, DA17

Hamlets Way, E3

Hammett Street, EC3N

Hampden Road, BR3

Hampstead Heights, N2

Hampton Court Road, KT1

Hanging Sword Alley, EC4Y

Hanseatic Walk, EC4R

Harbourer Close, IG6

Harbourer Road, IG6

Hardwick Street, EC1R

Hare Place, EC4Y

Harewood Drive, IG5

Harland Avenue, DA15

Harman Drive, DA15

Harman Rise, IG3

Harp Lane, EC3R

Harrison Street, WC1H

Harry Zeital Way, E5

Hart Crescent, IG7

Hartington Close, BR6

Hartshorn Alley, EC3M

Hartwell Street, E8

Hart Street, EC3R

Harvey Road, E11

Harvill Road, DA14

Hastings Road, BR2

Hastings Road, BR6

Hastings Road, CR0

Hastings Street, WC1H

Hatch Lane, E4

Hathaway Crescent, E12

Hattersfield Close, DA17

Hatfields, IG10

Hatton Garden, EC1N

Havelock Road, BR2

Havelock Road, CR0

Havelock Road, DA17

Havelock Road, N17

Havelock Road, SW19

Havelock Road, UB2

Havelock Street, N1

Havelock Terrace, SW8

Havelock Walk, SE23

Hawes Lane, BR4

Hay Currie Street, E14

Haydock Avenue, UB5

Haydon Street, E1

Hayes Close, BR2

Haynes Road, HA0

Hayne Street, EC1A

Hazel Mead, EN5

Headstone Road, HA1

Heathfield Road, DA6

Heckford Street, E1W

Heigham Road, E6

Helmet Row, EC1V

Hemery Road, UB6

Heneage Street, EC3A

Hengelo Gardens, CR4

Hengist Way, BR2

Henniker Road, E15

Henry Macaulay Avenue, KT2

Henry Road, EN4

Herbert Road, E13

Hermitage Wall, E1W

Herongate Road, E12

Heron Hill, DA17

Heron Road, CR0

Hessel Street, E1

Hesterman Way, CR0

Hewison Street, E3

Hide, E6

Higham Station Avenue, E4

Highbury Crescent, N5

Highbury Grove, N5

Highgate Hill, N6

High Mead, BR4

Hill Brow, BR1

Hillman Street, E8

Hind Close, IG7

Hind Crescent, DA8

Hindrey Road, E5

Hine Close, CR5

Hobbs Mews, IG3

Hodson Crescent, BR5

Hoe Street, E17

Holborn, EC1N

Holborn Way, CR4

Holbrook Lane, BR7

Holcombe Road, IG1

Holders Hill Drive, N3

Hollies Avenue, DA15

Holloway Road, E6

Holt Close, DA14

Holt Way, IG7

Holtwhite Avenue, EN2

Holwell Place, HA5

Holwood Park Avenue, BR6

Homerton Grove, E9

Homesdale Road, BR1

Honeypot Lane, HA3

Hook Farm Road, BR2

Hopkins Mews, E15

Horatio Street, E2

Hornbeam Way, BR2

Horns Road, IG2

Horns Road, IG6

Horsa Road, DA8

Hosier Lane, EC1A

Hospital Way, SE13

Houndsditch, EC3A

Howards Road, E13

Hows Street, E2

Huddart Street, E3

Huntingdon Close, UB5

Huntington Close, DA5

Huntsman Road, IG6

Hurst Close, UB5

Hurst View Road, CR2

Hyde Drive, BR5


Ickenham Road, HA4

Idol Lane, EC3M

Ilford Hill, E12

Ilford Lane, IG1

Ilford Lane, IG11

Illingworth Close, CR4

Ingatestone Road, E12

Ingersoll Road, EN3

Inglebert Street, EC1R

Ingleby Road, IG1

Ingle Mews, EC1R

Inglewood Road, DA7

Ingram Avenue, N2

Ingram Road, N2

Ireland Yard, EC4V

Ironmonger Lane, EC2V

Island Road, CR4

Islington Green, N1

Ivers Way, CR0


Jack Dash Way, E6

Jack Cornwell Street, E12

Jack Dimmer Close, SW16

Jackson Road, BR2

Jackson Road, EN4

Jackson’s Lane, N6

James Voller Way, E1

James Watt Way, DA8

Jamuna Close, E14

Jenner Avenue, W3

Jenner Close, DA14

Jenningtree Way, DA8

Jenny Hammond Close, E11

Jennys Way, CR5

Jessett Close, DA8

John Austin Close, KT2

John Carpenter Street, EC4Y

John Drinkwater Close, E11

John Fisher Street, E1

John Fisher Street, E1W

John Milton Passage, EC4M

Johnson’s Court, EC4A

John Wesley Close, E6

John Williams Close, KT2

Joseph Hardcastle Close, SE14

Joyden’s Wood Road, DA5

Judd Street, WC1H

Juglans Way, BR6

Jules Thorn Avenue, EN1

Jute Lane, EN3


Katherine Road, E6

Kelvin Gardens, CR0

Kelvin Road, DA16

Kemnal Road, BR7

Kempton Avenue, UB5

Kemsing Close, CR7

Kendall Avenue, CR2

Kenley Gardens, CR7

Kenton Road, HA1

Keston Avenue, BR2

Kentish Road, DA17

Kenwood Road, N6

Kevington Drive, BR5

Khartoum Road, E13

Kimberley Avenue, IG2

Kimberley Road, BR3

Kimberley Road, CR0

King David Lane, E1W

King Edward Street, EC1A

King Edward’s Road, E9

King George VI Avenue, CR4

Kings Head Hill, E4

King John’s Court, EC2A

Kings Arms Yard, EC2R

King’s Bench Walk, EC4Y

Kingscote Street, EC4Y

King’s Road, E4

Kingston Hill, KT2

Kingston Hill Place, KT2

Kingston Road, KT3

Kingswood Way, CR2

King William Street, EC4N

Kipling Road, DA7

Kirkby Close, IG10

Kirby Street, EC1N

Kirkland Close, DA15

Kitcat Terrace, E3

Kitchener Road, CR7

Knapp Road, E3

Kneller Road, KT3

Knightrider Street, EC4V

Knighton Close, IG8

Knighton Drive, IG8

Knighton Lane, IG9

Knoll Rise, BR6


Laburnum Way, BR2

Lackington Street, EC2M

Ladysmith Avenue, E6

Ladysmith Avenue, IG2

Ladysmith Avenue, IG3

Ladywell Road, SE13

Lagoon Road, BR5

Lakeside Close, DA5

Lamb Lane, E8

Lambert Jones Mews, EC2Y

Lamborbey Close, DA15

Lamb’s Passage, EC1Y

Lammas Avenue, CR4

Lammas Walk, E9

Lancaster Road, EN1

Lance Road, HA1

Lancing Street, NW1

Landseer Road, EN1

Langdon Road, BR2

Langton Road, HA3

Langton Way, CR0

Lansbury Gardens, E14

Lansdell Road, CR4

Larch Way, BR2

Larkin Close, CR5

Larkswood Road, E4

Latham Road, DA6

Laud Street, CR0

Launcelot Road, BR1

Laurence Pountney Hill, EC4R

Lavender Hill, EN2

Lavernock Road, DA7

Lawley Street, E5

Lawrence Avenue, E12

Layard Street, E20

Laycock Street, N1

Laystall Street, EC1R

Lea Bridge Road, E5

Leadenhall Market, EC3V

Leadenhall Street, EC3A

Lea Road, BR3

Leaside Road, E5

Leather Lane, EC1N

Leather Bottle Lane, DA18

Leechcroft Avenue, DA15

Lefevre Walk, E3

Leigh Place, DA16

Leigh Street, WC1H

Leirum Street, N1

Lemmon Road, SE10

Lena Kennedy Close, E4

Lennard Avenue, BR4

Lennard Close, BR4

Leonard Street, EC2A

Lessness Road, DA17

Leucha Road, E17

Lewes Close, UB5

Lewin Road, DA6

Ley Street, IG1

Ley Street, IG2

Leyton Road, E15

Leytonstone Road, E15

Liberty Bridge Walk, E20

Lichfield Road, IG8

Lillian Board Way, UB5

Limeburner Lane, EC4M

Lime Grove, DA15

Lime Grove, IG6

Limehouse Causeway, E14

Lime Street, EC3A

Lincoln Green Road, BR5

Links Road, BR4

Links View, DA14

Lion Road, DA6

Lion Green Road, CR5

Little Britain, EC1A

Little Gearies, IG6

Little Ilford Lane, E12

Little Russell Street, WC1A

Littlejohn Road, BR5

Little London, IG7

Little Roke Avenue, CR8

Liverpool Road, KT2

Liverpool Street, EC2M

Livingstone Road, E17

Lloyd’s Avenue, EC3M

Lloyd’s Row, EC1R

Lockesley Drive, BR5

Loddiges Road, E9

Logan Close, E20

Lombard Lane, EC4Y

Lombard Street, EC3V

London Fields East, E8

London Street, EC3R

Longlands Road, DA14

Longlands Road, DA15

Long Lane, DA7

Long Lane, EC1A

Lothair Road, N4

Lothbury, EC2R

Loughton Lane, IG10

Lovat Lane, EC3R

Love Lane, EC2V

Lovel Avenue, DA16

Lovell Road, EN1

Lovibonds Avenue, BR6

Lower Thames Street, EC3R

Loxford Avenue, E6

Loxford Lane, IG1

Loxford Lane, IG3

Loxford Road, IG11

Loxham Street, WC1H

Lubbock Road, BR7

Ludgate Hill, EC4M

Luxted Road, BR6

Lych Gate Road, BR6

Lyon Road, HA1

Lytton Road, EN5


Mabledon Place, WC1H

Maddams Street, E3

Madge Gill Way, E6

Mafeking Avenue, E6

Mafeking Avenue, IG2

Magdala Road, CR2

Magpie Alley, EC4Y

Majendie Road, SE18

Malden Road, KT3

Malden Road, KT4

Mallard Close, EN5

Mallory Gardens, EN4

Mallow Street, EC1V

Malmains Close, BR3

Manbey Road, E15

Mandela Road, E16

Mandeville Street, E5

Manister Road, SE2

Manor Park Road, E12

Mansell Street, E1W

Mansfield Avenue, EN4

Mansfield Hill, E4

Manship Road, CR4

Mansion House Street, EC4N

Maple Crescent, DA15

Maran Way, DA18

Marcellina Way, BR6

Mare Street, E8

Marechal Niel Avenue, DA14

Margaret Lockwood Close, KT1

Maria Terrace, E1

Marion Crescent, BR5

Marion Road, CR7

Market Place, EN2

Market Square, BR1

Markhouse Road, E10

Markhouse Road, E17

Mark Lane, EC3M

Marlborough Road, E15

Marne Avenue, DA16

Marrabon Close, DA15

Marryat Road, EN1

Marsham Close, BR7

Marsh Avenue, CR4

Marsh Hill, E5

Martineau Road, N5

Martineau Street, E1

Maryland Park, E15

Masjid Lane, E14

Massie Road, E8

Maud Road, E13

Maxwell Close, CR0

Maxwell Gardens, BR6

Maxim Road, DA8

Mayesbrook Road, IG3

Mayesbrook Road, IG11

Mayfield Avenue, BR6

Mayfield Road, E8

McEntee Avenue, E17

Medcalf Road, EN3

Meredith Street, EC1R

Merlin Street, EC1R

Merriam Close, E4

Messaline Avenue, E3

Metford Crescent, EN3

Meyer Green, EN1

Micawber Street, N1

Michael Road, E11

Middlesex Passage, EC1A

Middelton Gardens, IG2

Middleton Road, E8

Midfield Parade, DA7

Mighell Avenue, IG4

Midhope Street, WC1H

Mile End Place, E1

Milk Yard, E1W

Mill Corner, EN5

Millfields Road, E5

Milligan Street, E14

Mill Place, BR7

Mill Road, DA8

Millwall Dock Road, E14

Milman Close, HA5

Milner Road, CR7

Milton Court, EC2Y

Milton Street, EC1Y

Minard Road, SE6

Mincing Lane, EC3M

Minet Road, SW9

Mitali Passage, E1

Mitcham Park, CR4

Mitchley Avenue, CR8

Mitchley Grove, CR2

Moberly Way, CR8

Monega Road, E12

Monivea Road, BR3

Monkham’s Avenue, IG8

Monkham’s Drive, IG8

Monkham’s Lane, IG8

Monkwell Square, EC2Y

Monoux Grove, E17

Montague Street, EC1A

Montague Place, WC1B

Montague Place, WC1E

Montalt Road, IG8

Montem Road, KT3

Montem Road, SE23

Montem Street, N4

Montgomery Close, DA15

Montgomery Way, CR8

Monument Street, EC3R

Moodkee Street. SE16

Moon Lane, EN5

Moorfields, EC2Y

Moor Lane, EC2M

Morden Gardens, CR4

Morden Road, CR4

Morgan Street, E3

Morieux Road, E10

Morris Road, E15

Mortimer Market, WC1E

Moselle Close, N6

Mossford Green, IG6

Mossford Lane, IG6

Motspur Park, KT3

Mount Ararat Road, TW10

Mount Culver Avenue, DA14

Mount Pleasant Hill, E5

Mowbray Road, EN5

Mulberry Way, DA17

Murray Avenue, BR1

Muscovy Street, EC3N

Museum Street, WC1A

Muswell Hill Road, N6

Muybridge Road, KT3

Myatt Road, SW9


Nags Head Lane, DA16

Napa Close, E20

Napier Road, BR2

Nash Green, BR1

Nash Place, E14

Natal Road, CR7

Navarino Grove, E8

Navarre Street, E2

Neckinger, SE16

Nellie Cressall Way, E3

Nelson Close, CR0

Nelson Close, NW6

Nelson Close, RM7

Nelson Gardens, E2

Nelson Gardens, TW3

Nelson Grove Road, SW19

Nelson Lane, UB10

Nelson Road, BR2

Nelson Road, DA14

Nelson Road, DA17

Nelson Road, E4

Nelson Road, E11

Nelson Road, E18

Nelson Road, EN3

Nelson Road, HA1

Nelson Road, HA7

Nelson Road, KT3

Nelson Road, N15

Nelson Road, RM13

Nelson Road, SE10

Nelson Road, TW2

Nelson Road, TW6

Nelson Road, UB10

Nelson Square, SE1

Nelson Street, E1

Nelson Street, E6

Nelson Street, E16

Nelson Terrace, EC1V

Neville Road, E7

Nevin Drive, E4

New Barn Street, E13

Newbury Close, UB5

Newbury Road, IG2

Newbury Street, EC1A

Newbury Way, UB5

Newcastle Close, EC4A

New Fetter Lane, EC1N

Newgate Street, EC1A

Newham Way, E6

Newham Way, E13

Newick Road, E5

New Inn Yard, EC2A

New London Street, EC3R

Newmarket Avenue, UB5

New Oxford Street, WC1A

New Union Street, EC2Y

Nicholas Lane, EC3V

Nichol Lane, BR1

Nihill Place, CR0

Nile Road, E13

Nina MacKay Close, E15

Nineteenth Road, CR4

Nipper Alley, KT1

Norbiton Avenue, KT1

Norbury Road, CR7

Norman Avenue, CR2

Normanshire Drive, E4

North Crescent, WC1E

North Street, BR1

North Tenter Street, E1

Northumberland Avenue, DA16

Northumberland Gardens, CR4

Northumberland Park, DA8

Northwick Road, HA0

Northwood Way, HA6

North Woolwich Road, E16

Nursery Close, DA7

Nursery Road, CR7

Nuxley Road, DA17


Oakhouse Avenue, DA7

Oaklands Avenue. BR4

Oak Lodge Drive, BR4

Oban Street, E14

Occupation Lane, SE18

Occupation Lane, W5

Occupation Road, SW17

Odell Close, IG11

Odessa Road, E7

Old Bailey, EC4M

Old Broad Street, EC2N

Old Farleigh Road, CR2

Old Farm Road West, DA15

Old Jewry, EC2R

Old Perry Street, BR7

Old School Crescent, E7

Old Street, EC1M

Oliver’s Yard, EC1Y

Olyffe Avenue, DA16

Orpington Road, BR5

Osborne Road, DA17

Osborne Road, E7

Osterley Lane, UB2

Outram Road, CR0

Outwich Street, EC3A

Owenite Street, SE2

Owen Street, EC1V

Ownstead Gardens, CR2

Oxford Mews, DA5

Oystergate Walk, EC4R


Padbury Court, E2

Pageantmaster Court, EC4M

Page Avenue, HA9

Painters Lane, EN3

Painters Road, IG2

Palace Arts Way, HA9

Palace Grove, BR1

Palace Road, BR1

Palace View, BR1

Pancras Road, N1C

Pardoe Road, E10

Pardon Street, EC1V

Parfour Drive, CR8

Parkhurst Road, DA5

Parkstead Road, SW15

Parkwood Road, DA5

Parnell Road, E3

Passing Alley, EC1M

Paul Julius Close, E14

Pawsons Road, CR0

Pearson Way, CR4

Pear Tree Court, EC1R

Peel Road, HA0

Pelly Road, E13

Pelter Street, E2

Pembroke Avenue, EN1

Pendragon Road, BR1

Penge Road, SE20

Penge Road, SE25

Penny Brook Street, E20

Penpool Lane, DA16

Pentonville Road, N1

Pentrich Avenue, EN1

Peppermint Mews, CR4

Pepys Street, EC3N

Perch Street, E8

Peregrine Road, IG6

Perkin Close, HA0

Perrymans Farm Road, IG2

Perth Close, UB5

Perth Road, N4

Peterborough Court, EC4A

Peter’s Lane, EC1M

Petts Wood Road, BR5

Petty Wales, EC3N

Philpot Lane, EC3M

Phoenix Place, EC1R

Picardy Road, DA17

Pickhurst Lane, BR4

Pier Road, DA8

Pigott Street, E14

Pilgrim Street, EC4M

Pincott Road, DA6

Pindar Street, EC2A

Pinner Road, HA1

Pitcairn Road, CR4

Plaistow Grove, BR1

Plaistow Lane, BR1

Plaistow Road, E13

Plashet Road, E7

Plashet Road, E13

Plawsfield Road, BR3

Playhouse Yard, EC4V

Plevna Street, E14

Plimsoll Road, N4

Plough Court, Ec3V

Plumpton Close, UB5

Poet’s Road, N5

Pollard Street, E2

Polstead Road, SE6

Pond Square, N6

Ponsonby Road, SW15

Pool Road, HA1

Poplar Bath Street, E14

Poplar Road, E12

Poppin’s Court, EC4A

Poppleton Road, E11

Portpool Lane, EC1N

Portsmouth Road, KT1

Portsoken Street, E1

Post Office Court, EC3V

Poultry, EC2R

Poverest Road, BR5

Powell Road, E5

Preston Hill, HA3

Priest’s Court, EC2V

Pretoria Road, E4

Pretoria Road, IG1

Princes Street, EC3V

Printer Street, EC4A

Pritchard’s Road, E2

Pritchett Close, EN3

Prize Walk, E20

Prospect Road, IG8

Prudent Passage, EC2V

Pudding Lane, EC3M

Pudding Lane, IG7

Puddle Dock, EC4V

Pump Hill, IG10

Purley Bury Avenue, CR8

Purley Downs Road, CR2

Pymmes Brook Drive, EN4

Pyrles Green, IG10

Pyrles Lane, IG10


Quail Gardens, CR2

Quakers Place, E7

Queen Elizabeth Road, KT2

Queen’s Head Street, N1

Queenhythe, EC4V

Queen Isabella Way, EC1A

Queen’s Road, E11

Queen Street, EC4N

Queenswood Road, DA15

Quick Street, N1


Rabbits Road, E12

Radcliffe Road, CR0

Radnor Avenue, HA1

Radnor Street, EC1V

Raggleswood, BR7

Raine Street, E1W

Ram Place, E9

Ramillies Road, DA15

Rancliffe Road, E6

Rangefield Road, BR1

Rangoon Street, EC3N

Ranwell Close, E3

Ratcliffe Lane, E1

Ravens Walk, E20

Ravensbourne Road, BR1

Ravensbury Grove, CR4

Ravenscroft Park, EN5

Ravenswood Avenue, BR4

Ravenswood Crescent, BR4

Raymond Road, IG2

Rayners Lane, HA5

Recovery Street, SW17

Redbridge Lane East, IG4

Redcar Close, UB5

Redchurch Street, E2

Reddons Road, BR3

Red Hill, BR7

Red Lodge Road, BR4

Redman Place, E20

Reedham Park Avenue, CR8

Regarder Road, IG6

Regent Square, WC1H

Renshaw Close, SE6

Repton Avenue, HA0

Repton Grove, IG5

Reservoir Close, CR7

Reservoir Road, HA4

Retreat Place, E9

Reynolds Avenue, E12

Richmond Park Road, KT2

Richmond Road, KT1

Richmond Road, KT2

Rick Roberts Way, E15

Riddlesdown Avenue, CR8

Ridley Road, DA16

Ridley Road, E7

Ridgmount Gardens, WC1E

Ridgmount Place, WC1E

Ridgmount Street, WC1E

Ringer’s Road, BR1

Ripon Close, UB5

Ripple Road, RM9

Robinhood Close, CR4

Robin Hood Green, BR5

Robin Hood Lane, DA6

Robin Hood Way, KT2

Robina Close, DA6

Robinia Close, IG6

Robinia Crescent, E10

Robinson Close, E11

Rochelle Street, E2

Rochester Avenue, BR1

Rodney Close, CR0

Rodney Close, HA5

Rodney Close, KT3

Rodney Place, SE17

Rodney Place, SW19

Rodney Road, E11

Rodney Road, KT3

Rodney Road, SE17

Rodney Road, TW2

Rodney Street, N1

Rodney Way, RM7

Roebuck Road, IG6

Roman Road, E3

Ronnie Lane, E12

Rood Lane, EC3M

Rookery Lane, BR2

Ropemakers Fields, E14

Ropemaker Street, EC2M

Ropery Street, E3

Rossetti Gardens, CR5

Roundtable Road, BR1

Routemaster Close, E13

Rowe Lane, E9

Rowntree Clifford Close, E13

Roxeth Hill, HA1

Royal Mint Place, E1

Royal Mint Street, E1

Royal Oak Road, DA6

Rufford Street, N1C

Rushey Green, SE6

Rushlight Mews, KT9

Rushout Avenue, HA3

Russell Hill Road, CR8

Russia Lane, E2

Russia Row, EC2V

Rutland Place, EC1M

Ruxley Close, DA14

Ryder Avenue, E10

Rydon Street, N1


Saffron Hill, EC1M

Saffron Street, EC1N

St Alphage Garden, EC2Y

St Blaise Avenue, BR1

St Bride Street, EC4A

St Cross Street, EC1N

St Egberts Way, E4

St Erkenwald Mews, IG11

St Erkenwald Road, IG11

St John Street, EC1M

St Mary Axe, EC3A

St Marys, IG11

St Michael’s Road, DA16

St Nicholas Place, IG10

St Oswald’s Road, CR7

St Paul’s Cray Road, BR5

St Wilfrids Road, EN4

Salamanca Street, SE11

Salisbury Avenue, IG11

Salisbury Road, E7

Salisbury Road, E17

Salisbury Square, EC4Y

Salters Hall Court, EC4N

Sanderstead Court Avenue, CR2

Sanderstead Road, BR5

Sandown Way, UB5

Sandpiper Road, CR2

Sandwich Street, WC1H

Sandy’s Row, E1

Sans Walk, EC1R

Saracen’s Head Yard, EC3N

Savage Gardens, E6

Savage Gardens, EC3N

Saxon Road, BR1

Saxon Road, IG1

Scadbury Gardens, BR5

Scarlet Close, E20

School Road, E12

Schoolhouse Lane, E1W

Scott’s Road, BR1

Seaford Street, WC1H

Seething Lane, EC3N

Seething Wells Lane, KT6

Selhurst Place, CR0

Selkirk Drive, DA8

Selkirk Road, SW17

Selsdon Crescent, CR2

Selsdon Road, CR2

Sentamu Close, SE24

Sermon Lane, EC4V

Seven Kings Road, IG3

Seven Sisters Road, N4

Seymour Road, E10

Shacklewell Street, E2

Shacklewell Row, E8

Shadwell Gardens, E1

Sheldon Road, DA7

Shelley Close, CR5

Sherborne Lane, EC4N

Sheridan Gardens, HA3

Sheridan Road, E12

Shernhall Street, E17

Sherrard Road, E7

Shillibeer Walk, IG7

Ship Tavern Passage, EC3V

Shirley Way, CR0

Shoe Lane, EC1N

Shooters Hill, DA16

Shore Road, E9

Shuttlemead, DA5

Sicilian Avenue, WC1A

Sidcup Hill, DA14

Sidmouth Road, E10

Siemens Brothers Way, E16

Silk Street, EC2Y

Silk Weaver Way, E2

Silverdale Close, UB5

Silvertown Way, E16

Simonds Road, E10

Sise Lane, EC4N

Siward Road, BR1

Skeltons Lane, E10

Skinners Lane, EC4R

Slade Green Road, DA8

Slade Way, CR4

Smeaton Road, EN3

Smeaton Street, E1W

Smitham Downs Road, CR5

Smithfield Street, EC1A

Smithies Road, SE2

Snaresbrook Road, E11

Snow Hill, EC1A

Somaford Grove, EN4

Sophia Road, E10

Sopwith Way, KT2

Southampton Place, WC1A

South Avenue, E4

South Birkbeck Road, E11

South Crescent, WC1E

Southbury Road, EN1

South Street, BR1

South Tenter Street, E1

Southwell Avenue, UB5

Southwell Road, HA3

Southwood Lane, N6

Spencer Road, HA0

Spenser Road, SE24

Springfield Rise, SE26

Springfield Road, CR7

Springfield Road, DA16

Sprowston Road, E7

Spurstowe Road, E8

Staddon Close, BR3

Stagbury Avenue, CR5

Staggart Green, IG7

Staining Lane, EC2V

Stainton Road, SE13

Standard Road, EN3

Stanhope Road, DA7

Stanley Road, E12

Stapleton Road, BR6

Stapley Road, DA17

Station Approach, BR7

Station Road, E7

Steelyard Passage, EC4R

Sten Close, EN3

Stepney Close, CR4

Stevedore Street, E1W

Stew Lane, EC4V

Steynton Avenue, DA5

Stiven Crescent, HA2

Stonecutter Street, EC4A

Storer Drive, DA16

Stratford Road, E13

Stratton Close, DA7

Streamway, DA7

Streatham Street, WC1A

Strype Street, E1

Stuart Evans Close, DA16

Stuart Mantle Way, DA8

Sudbury Court Road, HA1

Sudbury Hill, HA1

Suffolk Lane, EC4R

Sumner Gardens, CR0

Sundridge Avenue, BR1

Sunnyside, SW19

Sunnyside Drive, E4

Sunnyside Gardens, RM14

Sunnyside Road, E10

Sunnyside Road, N19

Sunnyside Road, W5

Sunrise Close, E20

Sunset Avenue, IG8

Surbiton Hill Park, KT5

Surbiton Road, KT1

Surrey Road, BR4

Sussex Crescent, UB5

Sutlej Road, SE7

Sutton Close, BR3

Sutton Lane, EC1M

Sutton Square, E9

Swain’s Lane, N6

Swanfield Street, E1

Swan Lane, EC4R

Swan Way, EN3

Swan Yard, N1

Sweetmans Avenue, HA5

Swinnerton Street, E9

Sybil Mews, N4

Sycamore Avenue, DA15

Sydenham Avenue, SE26

Sydenham Hill, SE26

Sydenham Park, SE26

Sydenham Rise, SE23

Sydenham Road, SE26

Sylvan Way, BR4


Tabernacle Street, EC2A

Tait Road, CR0

Talbot Court, EC3V

Talehangers Close, DA6

Tallack Road, E10

Talwin Street, E3

Tancred Road, N4

Tankerton Street, WC1H

Tanyard Lane, DA5

Tate Road, E16

Taverners Way, E4

Taylor Road, CR4

Tedder Road, CR2

Telegraph Street, EC2R

Temple Avenue, CR0

Temple Mills Lane, E10

Tenby Gardens, UB5

Tercel Path, IG7

Tetty Way, BR1

Thames Road, IG11

Thames Side, KT1

Thames Street, KT1

The Avenue, BR4

The Bishops Avenue, N2

The Four Wents, E4

The Glade, BR4

The Glade, IG5

The Glebe, BR7

The Grove, BR4

The Mead, BR3

The Mothers Square, E5

The Netherlands, CR5

The Town, EN2

Thirsk Close, UB5

Thomas Cribb Mews, E6

Thomas Fyre Drive, E3

Thomas More Street, E1W

Thornhill Road, N1

Thornton Road, CR7

Thorold Close, CR2

Thorold Road, IG1

Threadneedle Street, EC2N

Three Colts Lane, E2

Three Corners, DA7

Throgmorton Avenue, EC2N

Throgmorton Street, EC2N

Throwley Close, SE2

Tibbatts Road, E3

Tickford Close, SE2

Tilbury Road, E10

Tile Kiln Lane, DA5

Tillett Way, E2

Tillotson Road, HA3

Tillotson Road, IG1

Tine Road, IG7

Tokenhouse Yard, EC2R

Tokyngton Avenue, HA9

Tollington Park, N4

Tollington Place, N4

Tollington Way, N7

Tolworth Rise North, KT5

Tolworth Road, KT6

Tom Hood Close, E15

Tom Jenkinson Road, E16

Tompion Street, EC1V

Tooke Close, HA5

Tootswood Road, BR2

Torbitt Way, IG2

Torrington Place, WC1E

Torrington Square, WC1E

Tottenham Court Road, WC1A

Tottenham Road, E8

Tower Hill, EC3N

Tower Mews, E5

Townshend Close, DA14

Tramway Avenue, E15

Traps Hill, IG10

Treby Street, E3

Tresham Walk, E9

Trig Lane, EC4V

Trinity Street, EN2

Tristram Road, BR1

Trojan Way, CR0

Trueman Road, CR8

Trump Street, EC2V

Tudor Crescent, IG6

Tudor Gardens, BR4

Tufter Road, IG7

Tugela Road, CR0

Tulse Hill, SE27

Turing Street, E20

Turkey Street, EN1

Turnagain Lane, EC4A

Turnmill Street, EC1M

Turnpike Close, DA16

Turnstone Close, CR2

Turpin Close, EN3

Turpington Close, BR2

Turpington Lane, BR2

Turpin’s Lane, IG8

Tweedy Road, BR1

Twentyman Close, IG8

Twig Folly Close, E2

Tylney Road, E7


Ulysses Place, E20

Umfreville Road, N4

Umpire View, HA1

Union Close, E11

Union Court, EC2N

Union Drive, E1

University Gardens, DA5

University Street, WC1E

Uphall Road, IG1

Upper Street, N1

Upper Tollington Park, N4

Upperton Road, DA14

Urswick Road, E9

Uvedale Road, EN2

Uxendon Crescent, HA9


Valentines Road, IG1

Valognes Avenue, E17

Vandyke Cross, SE9

Van Dyck Road, KT3

Vanneck Square, SW15

Vaughan Road, HA1

Vauxhall Street, SE11

Venetia Road, N4

Vera Lynn Close, E7

Verderers Road, IG7

Vernon Road, E11

Vickers Road, DA8

Victoria Road, DA6

Victory Avenue, SM4

Victory Place, SE17

Victory Road, E11

Victory Road, RM13

Victory Road, SW19

Victory Way, RM7

Victory Way, TW5

Vincam Close, TW2

Vine Hill, EC1R

Vine Street, EC3N

Vinson Close, BR6

Vintners’ Hall, EC4V

Virginia Street, E1W

Viscount Street, EC1Y

Vyner Street, E2


Waddington Close, CR5

Waddington Way, CR7

Waddon Close, CR0

Waithman Street, EC4V

Wakeling Lane, HA0

Wallace Square, CR5

Walbrook, EC4N

Walham Grove, SW6

Walnut Road, E10

Walnut Tree Road, DA8

Walpole Avenue, CR5

Walter Rodney Close, E6

Walters Yard, BR1

Walthamstow Avenue, E4

Walworth Road, SE17

Wandle Road, CR0

Wandle Road, CR4

Wanstead Park Avenue, E12

Wanstead Park Road, IG1

Wapping Dock Street, E1W

Wardrobe Place, EC4V

Waring Drive, BR6

Waring Road, DA14

Warltersville Road, N4

Warner Road, BR1

Warren Road, CR0

Warren Road, DA6

Warren Road, E10

Warwick Lane, EC4M

Warwick Road, EN3

Water Lane, DA14

Water Lane, EC3R

Watford Road, HA0

Watkin Road, HA9

Watling Street, EC4M

Watney Close, CR8

Wellclose Street, E1W

Wellesley Road, IG1

Wellhouse Road, BR3

Wellington Road, BR5

Welling Way, DA16

Wellmeadow Road, SE6

Wells Park Road, SE26

Wells Road, BR1

Wentworth Mews, E3

Wentworth Road, EN5

Wesley Road, E10

West Barnes Lane, KT3

Westerham Road, E10

West Gardens, E1W

Westgate Road, BR3

West Ham Lane, E15

Westland Drive, BR4

Weston Close, CR5

West Poultry Avenue, EC1A

West Street, BR1

Westwood Close, HA4

Wetherby Close, UB5

Wharf Road, EN3

Wheatley Terrace Road, DA8

Wheelock Close, DA8

Whidborne Street, WC1H

Whipps Cross Road, E11

Whitchurch Lane, HA8

Whitebeam Avenue, BR2

Whitefriars Street, EC4Y

Whitehorse Road, CR0

White Kennett Street, EC3A

Whites Avenue, IG2

Whitgift Street, CR0

Whittington Avenue, EC3V

Wickham Avenue, CR0

Wickham Road, BR3

Wickham Road, BR4

Wickham Road, CR0

Wickham Street, DA16

Widegate Street, E1

Wilberforce Road, N4

Wilberforce Way, SW19

Wilderness Road, BR7

Wilhelmina Avenue, CR5

Wilks Gardens, CR0

Willenhall Avenue, EN5

Willett Way, BR5

William Congreve Mews, N1

William Foster Lane, DA16

William Guy Gardens, E3

William Morley Close, E6

Willoughby Street, WC1A

Willow Avenue, DA15

Willow Street, EC2A

Willrose Crescent, SE2

Wilson Avenue, CR4

Wincanton Crescent, UB5

Windsor Street, N1

Winnington Avenue, N2

Winnington Close, N2

Wiseman Road, E10

Woffington Close, KT1

Wollstonecraft Street, N1C

Wolsey Gardens, IG6

Wolsey Road, N1

Wolvercote Road, DA18

Woodberry Grove, N4

Woodcote Drive, CR8

Woodcote Grove Road, CR5

Woodfall Road, N4

Woodford Avenue, IG2

Woodford Avenue, IG4

Woodford Bridge Road, IG4

Woodford New Road, E17

Woodford Road, E11

Woodhall Drive, HA5

Woodland Way, BR4

Woodpark Lane, CR5

Wood Street, EC2V

Woodville Road, EN5

Woolaston Road, N4

Woolwich Road, DA7

Worcester Gardens, KT4

Worcester Park Road, KT4

Worlds End Lane, EN2

Wormwood Street, EC2M

Wormwood Street, EC2N

Worple Way, HA2

Wykeham Road, HA3


Yarnton Way, DA18

Yeading Avenue, HA2

Yeo Street, E3

Yester Park, BR7

Yew Tree Close, DA16

Yoga Way, KT4

York Avenue, HA7

York Road, E10

Yunus Khan Close, E17


Zig Zag Road, CR8

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