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Honours George Monck, or Monk (December 6, 1608 – January 3, 1701), the Duke of Albemarle, the man who founded the regiment that became the Coldstream Guards. Despite being a close friend of Oliver Cromwell this distinguished soldier and royal favourite was largely responsible for the restoration of Charles II to the throne in 1660. He was immediately rewarded by a grateful king who lavished honours and titles upon him. Monck was raised to the peerage as Baron Monck of Potheridge, Devon; Baron Beauchamp of Beauchamp, Devon; Baron of Teyes, Devon; Earl of Torrington, Devon; and, Duke of Albemarle. In 1663, Charles II also named him one of eight Lords Proprietors given title to a huge tract of land in North America which became the Province of Carolina, Albemarle Sound in North Carolina is named after him.

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