Uxendon Crescent, HA9

Place Name

Recalling the former manor of Uxendon, on the eastern borders of Harrow parish, that was first mentioned in 1373 although the name’s origins are thought to go back to a 7thCentury Saxon tribe from Lincolnshire called the Wixan who began to settle in Middlesex. By 1257 the area was known as Woxindon, meaning Wixan’s Hill. Between the 14th and 16th centuries the property changed hands several times until in 1516 it was inherited by Mabel Bellamy on the death of her father Thomas Boys. During this time although heavily mortgaged the various parcels of land were consolidated until 1603 when a Richard Bellamy sold the land and it ended up in the hands of the Page family. And there it remained until in 1825 when one Henry Page, a drunk of “weak intellect”, was apparently swindled by a junior partner of his family solicitors and signed over the deeds. The lawyer Henry Young held on to the property until his death in 1869 when he ordered it be sold for the benefit of his own family. Uxendon Farm, also known as Uxendon Hall, stood near here.


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