Uvedale Road, EN2

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Dr Robert Uvedale (1642 – August 17, 1722) was headmaster of both Enfield Grammar School and the Palace School but was perhaps more widely known as a horticulturist. It was thanks to him that Enfield was the location of some of the earliest successful hothouses in England where he cultivated exotic plants. In an Account of several Gardens near London published in 1691 J Gibson wrote: “Dr Uvedale of Enfield is a great lover of plants, and, having an extraordinary art in managing them, is become master of the greatest and choicest collection of exotic greens that is perhaps anywhere in this land. His greens take up six or seven houses or roomsteads. His orange-trees and largest myrtles fill up his biggest house, and those more nice and curious plants that need closer keeping are in warmer rooms, and some of them stoved when he thinks fit. His flowers are choice, his stock numerous, and his culture of them very methodical and curious.” He died at Enfield and was buried in the parish church.



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