The Drive, DA5

Place name

One of a number of streets in the area built in the 1930s on the site of the Blendon Hall estate and named to recall the former uses of the land. It featured but was unnamed on early 20thCentury Ordnance Survey maps as the main approach to Blendon Hall from Blendon Road. Today The Drive continues along the approximate course of earlier footpaths and walkways to Elmwood Drive. Bladindon Court as it was originally written, was owned and named after the Bladindon family. Blendon is a contraction of Bladindon. In 1763 the site was in the hands of Lady Mary Scott whe built a new property on the old site. It was the largest estate in Bexley. In 1929, the estate was sold to a local housing developer a D C Bowyer  and eventually demolished to make way for suburban housing with new streets such as The Drive,  Arcadian Avenue, Beechway, Blendon Drive, Bladindon Drive, Cedar Grove, and Elmwood Drive etc. appearing over the next decade.


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