Sundridge Avenue, BR1

Place Name

Named in reference to the local area Sundridge Park, which means a privately owned enclosure. It was first recorded in an Anglo-Saxon Charter dated AD987, but then appears to have been overlooked by the Domesday surveyors. In 1210 it was referred to again in a survey carried out by King John which included the name Galfredus De Sundresse and then again in 1227 when the area fell into the hands of Adam Le Blund, whose ancestor had arrived in England with William the Conqueror. He acknowledged the right of Gilbert de Melles to the property at Sundresse and he further agreed that he and his heirs should pay Gilbert and his heirs five shillings for the use of a large meadow at Sundridge. By the late 13thCentury it was referred to as Sundrish’ and as Sundresh in 1421.



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