Parkshot, TW9

Place Name

Agricultural heritage. Shots were subdivisions of farmland, usually about a square furlong in size (roughly 200m sq). This one was in the vast Lower Field, originally called Pale Park Shot in the 1500s and also Cherry Tree Shot to Fagg Furlong, it took on its new name following the creation of James I’s deer park in 1605. It began to be developed by a speculator called John Price in the early 18thCentury. John Cloake writing in The Growth of Richmond explains how they operated: “They would buy up old cottages or empty sites, mortgage them, build a new house on part of the site, mortgage or sell that, build another next door, and so on. This was one of the typical ways in which parts of Richmond developed apace in the early 18th century.” It took its present name in 1850.



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