Pancras Road, N1C

Place Name

The area was named after the local church which is dedicated to St Pancras, a Christian martyr who died in Rome. The connection with the saint and the area goes back to at least Norman times, featuring as it does in the Domesday Book of 1086, Sanctum Pancratïü and in 1353 as Parochia Sancti Pancrassi and later Pancrich; and, in 1588, Pankeridge al. St. Pancras. Of these later variations John Field in Place-Names of Greater London writes: “Some early spellings indicate a development towards Pancridge, paralleled by Mrs Gamp’s pronunciation of Jonas as Jonadge, but the name was doubtless brought back to its original form by awareness of its origin in the dedication – unlike Dilewise, which became (and remains) Dulwich.”

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