Kew Foot Road, TW9

Place Name

Originally Kew Foot Lane. The foot in this case is literal, distinguishing it from the main highway or horse lane to Kew – which was later to become Kew Road. “The footway from Kew to Richmond” is mentioned in early 18thCentury court records, at the time the area was first being developed. The original pathway continued from Richmond Green (the section which from 1850 was called Parkshot) around the border of the Old Park, through the present day Kew Gardens, and on to the ferry between Kew and Brentford. In 1785 George III secured an Act of Parliament to have the stretch running between the royal estates of Richmond and Kew Gardens – known as Love Lane – to be stopped up, offering Richmond Vestry, Pesthouse Common in return. He also had to provide a route leading from Kew Foot Road to the main road. By 1884 the much shorted Kew Foot Road had been adopted. The name Kew comes from the Old English words cœg and hōh which most likely means a spur of land a quay or a key shaped spur of land with a landing place, it was first recorded as Cayho in 1327 and Kayho three years later. By 1439 it was Keyhow then Kayo in 1483, Kaio in 1532 and Kewe in 1535.




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