Copland Avenue, HA0

Place Name

Named after wealthy sisters and local philanthropists Anne and Frances Copland who gave to numerous good causes around the local area, most notably land and money for the building of St John the Evangelist Church in 1846. The completion of which allowed Sudbury and Wembley to become a separate parish from Harrow. The pair inherited the property from their father, John Copland, a purser in the Royal Navy at the time of Admiral Nelson. He had bought Crabb House and 24 acres of land in 1801 which following his death in 1843 passed to his daughters. In the 1850s the sisters had Sudbury Lodge built as their home and having paid for the church were supporting good causes including a cottage hospital and a Workmens’ Institute, which provided training and the first library in the area. After their deaths it was inherited by General Robert Fitzgerald Copland-Crawford. Following his death in the 1880s the house was sold to the Barham family.

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