Calvert Road, EN5

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Nicolson Calvert (May 15, 1764 – April 13, 1841) was the Whig MP for Hertfordshire from 1826 to 1834 having previously represented the borough of Hertford from 1802 to 1826, at the time Barnet was still within the county. His father was Felix Calvert, a brewer from Southwark and Hunsdon, and he was educated at Harrow School and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. The street was laid out sometime around 1875. His political career saw highlights including the passing of his bill to provide summary punishment for trespassers on private land and his opposition to the total abolition of punishment by flogging, arguing that if it were true that it destroyed the victim’s self-respect, there would be few Members with a shred left after their experiences at school. Of his 12 children, eight of whom survived, their son, Felix, fought at the Battle of Waterloo.

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