Beddington Grove, SM6

Place Name

No grove is shown on early maps, so that was likely an affection on the part of the developer, but it was opposite Beddington Villa, which was south of the main village. This road was laid out and build in the dying days of the 19thCentury, no doubt to cash in on the commuter route opened up by the nearby Wallington Station. The name Beddington refers to an ancient farmer or chieftain called Bëada or Beadda who had land here. It was first mentioned as Bedintone in AD675, and over the ensuing centuries underwent various mutations, Beaddinctun in the Anglo Saxon charters of AD901 – AD 908, Beddintone in the Domesday Book of 1086, becoming the more recognisable Bedington in 1229 and Beddyngton in 1340.


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