Beddington Farm Road, CR0

Place Name

Well, this was agricultural land, but the farm being referred to here didn’t grow any crops or raise any livestock. It looks likely that this is reference to a sewage farm, since this was an access road to Beddington Sewage Works. By 1921 the Croydon Corporation had three sewage farms operating in the area and these were consolidated onto one site between the wars. The site grew covering both sides of the Beddington Lane, but was later reduced in size and the land between the lane and Beddington Farm Road was used as industrial and retail parks. The name Beddington refers to an ancient farmer or chieftain called Bëada or Beadda who had land here. It was first mentioned as Bedintone in AD675, and over the ensuing centuries underwent various mutations, Beaddinctun in the Anglo Saxon charters of AD901 – AD 908, Beddintone in the Domesday Book of 1086, becoming the more recognisable Bedington in 1229 and Beddyngton in 1340.


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