Torrington Square, WC1E


Marks the east and south boundaries of Torrington Square which was developed by James Sim (1764 – 1833) and his family for the Bedford Estate between 1821 – 1828. Before that, from the 1790s to 1805, the land had been rented by the Toxophilite Society, according to its website, the oldest and most important of English archery clubs, established in 1780 by Sir Ashton Lever. Like the adjacent Torrington Place, this is said to be named after George Byng, 4th Viscount Torrington (October 11, 1740 – December 14, 1812) whose daughter Georgiana married local landowner, John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford in 1768. Today the Square is owned by the University of London, and is a Square in name only, the original houses mostly having been demolished by the university. Torrington Mews, Torrington Street and Torrington Mews East similarly disappeared.




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