Tilloch Street, N1

Place Name

Alexander Tilloch (February 28, 1759 – January 26, 1825) was a Scottish journalist and inventor who after leaving Glasgow University took up an interest in new printing techniques. In his 20s he moved to London where he bought a share in The Star, an evening daily paper, of which he remained editor until 1821. However he never lost his interest in new printing methods, and in 1790 suggested a forgery proof printing process to put an end to fake bank notes then a big problem for the Treasury. His ideas were rejected by the Government, despite signed testimony by some of the most prominent engravers of the day who stated they did not believe a note using the technique could be copied. He founded the Philosophical Magazine, a journal devoted to scientific subjects, and intended for the publication of new discoveries and invention. He was also the founder of the Mechanics Oracle. In later life he joined a small Christian sect called the Sandemanians. He died at his home in Barnsbury Street. His wife, Margaret née Simpson, predeceased him following the birth of a second child, who also died. This was originally called Clayton Street but took its present name in 1937.


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