St Alphage Garden, EC2Y

Place Name

Named after the church dedicated to the Saxon-era Archbishop of Canterbury who was killed in 1012 by the Danes when he refused to impoverish his tenants by making them pay his ransom. St Alphage London Wall church now survives only in ruins. The earliest mention of this church dates to around the first quarter of the 12thCentury, although it is said that it was established before 1068. The building was demolished in the late 16thCentury following an Act of Parliament when the church of the newly closed priory of Elsing Spital became the new parish church. The remains were turned into a carpenter’s yard. In 1837 it was laid out as a public garden with a preserved section of the London Wall on its north edge. After the realignment of the road London Wall, that section formerly running past the site of this church was renamed St Alphage Gardens.

St Alphage
St Alphage featured on John Rocque’s map of London from 1746

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