Painters Lane, EN3

Place Name

This is a corruption of Pentriches which derives from the Manor of Honeylands and Pentriches, the original name of Capel Manor. It is thought that Pentriches also spelt Pentrich, Pentrich and Pentridge is of Celtic origin. In the 15thCentury it was joined with another property called Honeylands, which itself had various spellings including Honylands and Honeyland to form the Manor of Honeylands and Pentriches. In 1486 the manor was sold by Jane, wife of Sir Thomas Lewknor and widow of Sir John Yonge, to Sir William Capel. He built Capel House but by 1546 Sir Giles, Sir Henry, and Edward Capel surrendered the manor to the Crown. The association with the family, however, remained as the manor became known as Capels by 1615. By 1754 the Enfield Tithe Map showed the it written as Painters Lane but the Report books of the Surveyor to the Enfield Local Board of Health, was still mentioning it as Pentrich Lane in 1867.




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