Morecambe Gardens, HA7

Place Name

One of six streets apparently randomly named after UK place names which were approved for part of the Edgware Golf Course Estate by the Highways and Cleansing Committee of Harrow District Council on October 5, 1937. Morecambe takes its name from the Roman map from AD150 which referred to the area as Moriancabris Æsturis or Morikambe eischusis which roughly translated means the curved bay or salt flats. The other street names passed at the same meeting for the estate were: Jesmond Way, Dalkeith Grove, Pangbourne Drive, and Westbere Drive. The sixth, Cheddar Way, was never used. The land was originally part of Ward’s Farm but in 1907 was bought by E Burrows who laid out Edgware Golf Course. It remained until 1936 when by then Stanmore Tube station was open and the land sold and used for housing development to DC Houses (Canons) Ltd. It wasn’t unusual for developers to suggest random street names with no obvious connection to the area.


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