Marryat Road, EN1

Place Name

Named after Captain Frederick Marryat (July 10, 1792 – August 9, 1848), a naval hero, inventor and writer of classic English novels who was schooled in Enfield. His father, Joseph Marryat, descended from French Huguenots, was chairman of Lloyds and MP for Sandwich. His mother Charlotte was an American from Boston. As a boy, Frederick was sent to Holmwood school, which was situated at the present day 470 Baker Street. But the young boy sought adventure and tried to run away to sea. He eventually joined the Royal Navy in 1806 as a midshipman. His career saw him serving in the Caribbean and in 1811, it was reported that he risked his life for his ship when it was severely damaged in a storm and on five occasions he distinguished himself by jumping into the sea to rescue men lost overboard. Promotions swiftly followed and in 1815, after seeing action against the Americans, he was made a Commander. He also spent his time working to expand and improve the navy’s system of maritime flag signals. Creating the International Code of Signals used for generations afterwards, he earned himself membership of the Royal Society in 1817. After retiring from the navy he took up writing, publishing classics such as Mr Midshipman Easy, Masterman Ready and The Children of the New Forest.


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