Manor Park, TW9

Place Name

A former industrial estate where Sopwith ‘Pup’ scouts and DH9 bombers were made for the Whitehead Aircraft Company in 1915. An off-shoot of Manor Road, which was so-named after Manor House, which was never part of a manor. There had been a large property, on the junction of Sheen Road and Manor Road, since 1581. Originally called Pentecost House, otherwise Marsh House, it was bought in 1767 by James Sayer, the King’s agent, and his family lived here for nearly a century, departing in 1863. At some point during their ownership the name changed from Pentecost House to Manor House. James Green, Judith Filson, and Margaret Watson in The Streets of Richmond and Kew suggest: “It may have been used as an office for dealing with the King’s estate, and especially the King’s Farm on the east side of Manor Road, as it was called by 1878.” The house itself was knocked down in 1920 and the site redeveloped.


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