Lancing Street, NW1


Gillian Bebbington in London Street Names says that this is one of a group of streets in the old parish of St Pancras that were renamed by the St Pancras Vestry in 1865 because their existing names were common ones duplicated elsewhere in the parish. Bebbington notes no apparent significance among the group, namely Seaford Street, Leeke Street, Longford Street, Lyme Street, Netley Street, Penryn Street, Redhill Street, Rhyl Street, Wicklow Street, Powlett Place and Wrotham Road and suggests they were chosen at random, however, it is noticeable that they are all, with the exception of Powlett Place, the names of towns in the UK and Ireland, and so perhaps these places had some personal significance to the vestry worthies. Lancing is a village and civil parish in the Adur district of West Sussex. During the 19thCentury it was a popular seaside resort. Its name probably means the people of Wlanc or people of Hlanc, -ing, in this case meaning people of. The street was laid out in about the mid-19thCentury, appearing on a map dating to 1869. At first it was part of Southampton Crescent which has since disappeared.

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