Juer Street, SW11

Place Name

Remembers Henry Juer (February 6, 1807 – November 30, 1878), a market gardener, who held some 16 acres of ground between Park Road, where he lived, and Marsh Lane. Juer’s family had been in business in Battersea since the 17thCentury and had held the lease of this ground for many years. In the 1840s the Crown contemplated buying his holdings, but the deal fell through. When Juer died he left various bequests £500 was given to parish poor aged over 60, to be invested in Government bonds with the dividends distributed each February on his birthday. He also left £200 each to the Consumption Hospital, Brompton, the Cancer Hospital, Brompton, St George’s Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital, Kings College Hospital, the Infant Orphan Asylum, Wanstead, and the British Orphan Asylum Slough but the bulk of his considerable fortune estimated to be around £45,000 went to his nephew, Richard Pryce with other big bequests to family members. Development began in the 1880s under Pryce’s son (also Richard) and daughter, Ann, together with two cousins, Thomas Edward Pryce, who was an architect, and Lucy Pugh, who granted building leases to William Stewart of Battersea and Samuel Bowes of Balham. Under the name Prince’s estate (perhaps a reference to nearby Prince’s Wharf), two new streets were laid out in 1888 this one and Worfield Street. The architect Frederick Wheeler submitted layout and drainage plans, suggesting that he may also have designed the houses. These were built by Stewart and Bowes between 1889 and 1895.


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