Hatton Garden, EC1N

Place Name

Named after Sir Christopher Hatton (1540 – November 20, 1591), Lord Chancellor, and favourite of Elizabeth I known as Elizabeth’s dancing chancellor. He first came to her attention when he was Master of the Game at the Inner Temple and putting on a grand entertainment for the Court. It was the monarch who in 1576, forced the Bishop of Ely to cede a large part of their substantial gardens to Hatton, much against their will. He took the rest in 1581 following a long vacancy for the post of the Bishop of Ely, who the queen just happened to appoint. It was first called Hatton Streete in 1665, the street itself being laid out six years earlier. Sir Christopher’s property, Hatton House, was passed down the line to a descendant, also a Christopher Hatton, who was created Baron Hatton of Kirkby in 1643. His decision to follow Charles II into exile was an expensive one and he was forced to sell the house and gardens.

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