Hardwick Street, EC1R

Place Name

Named after the Lloyd-Baker family, extensive landowners in Clerkenwell by 1738. Thomas Lloyd Baker who died in 1841, of Hardwicke Court – a late Georgian house designed by Sir Robert Smirke – in Gloucester, married Mary Sharpe, the niece of philanthropist Granville Sharpe (1735 – 1813). Part of the Clerkenwell estate was later leased to the New River Company who developed it as a residential area in the early 19thCentury, hence Hardwick Street and Gloucester Way (originally Gloucester Street) were built in front of their headquarters. The Lloyd-Bakers also owned land around Islington, which they developed in the early part of the 19thCentury, naming many of the new streets – Lloyd Street, Lloyd Square, Lloyd Row and Lloyd Baker Street – after themselves, members of their family – Granville Street, Granville Square, or places connected with them – Gloucester Way, Harwicke Mews.


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