Gamuel Close, E17

Place Name

There was a Gamuel Road which was situated between Beaconsfield Road and Alexandra Road but despite surviving the war it was levelled. This road is named after a wealthy grocer and local benefactor Thomas Gamuel who in 1643, left about 6 acres of land in trust to provide 12 penny loaves a week for the poor, with any remaining money to be distributed annually. In 1786 the income from the land, Prior’s Croft or Honeybone field in Markhouse Road, and part of Markhouse Common, was £4 15s. In 1855 the property was freed up and in 1873 a small piece was sold to build St Saviour’s School. A decade later Walthamstow School Board leased land to build Gamuel Road School. Honeybone Field was let as allotments and between 1925 and 1956 more land was sold. In 1957 the proceeds of sales represented £885 stock and the income from rents and interest amounted to £237.

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