Cherry Garden Street, SE16

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Literal, after the former cherry orchard pleasure garden that was located in Bermondsey. For years the area was marshland until the medieval church pumped money into drainage projects. In a Secret History of Our Streets, Joseph Bullman, Neil Hegarty and Brian Hill explain: “Soon, the usual patchwork of fields and hedges appeared; the area gained a name for its orchards and fruit trees; and the Thames was pressed unceasingly into service as a conduit of trade and influence. By the seventeenth century, Samuel Pepys could write of a languorous riverine Bermondsey as the home of a delightful pleasure gardens – the so-called Cherry Gardens by the river.” In 1664 he writes of paying a visit to the gardens. Firstly on June 13: “Thence [from the Tower] having a galley down to Greenwich, and there saw the King’s work, which was great, a-doing there, and so to the Cherry Garden, and so carried some cherries home.” Two days later he returns: “And so to the Cherry Garden, and then by water singing finely to the Bridge and there landed.”

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  1. Many centuries of my family lived & worked in London & for a time, at the start of the 20th century, in Cherry Garden Street.
    I live in inner city London & often walk to that small street, a stone’s throw from the Thames, that is, I’m delighted to say, lined with cherry trees.

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