Arras Avenue, SM4

Place Name

The Battle of Arras during the First World War saw British, Canadian, South African, Australian and New Zealand troops launch a huge offensive against the German lines between April 9 and May 16, 1917. It achieved the longest advance since trench warfare had begun but later stalled allowing the Germans to recover. The battle became a costly stalemate for both sides and by the end of the battle, the British had suffered about 160,000 casualties and the Germans about 125,000. This estate was laid out over Ravensbury Park sometime between the wars. It is first featured on maps from 1935 and was one of many roads around London, the country, and, indeed, the world that took their names from the the Great War. Nearby is Victory Avenue commemorating the defeat of the Germans in 1914 – 1918 war is adjacent.



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