Algers Close, IG10


Geoffrey Algor was a local landowner who is mentioned in tax rolls dating to 1320 during the reign of Edward II. Nearly 100 years later the family were still in the area. In 1404 Richard Algor is featured in a case of medieval fly-tipping after one John Lucteborough was prosecuted for throwing the rubbish from his ditch outside Algor’s gate on the King’s highway. Algor’s house, near the junction of Algers Road and High Road, survived at least in part and concealed by much overbuilding, until 1963. The street was initially laid out as Algors Road in 1895 and three years later appeared on the Ordnance Survey map. However at some point in the early 20thCentury someone misspelt the name to Algers, as such it appeared in a 1960s Ordnance Survey map. While Algers Close appears to have been (partially at least) laid out by 1895, the same time as Algers Road, it doesn’t appeared to have been named until after 1960. It is one of a number of nearby roads named after 14thCentury taxpayers.



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