Aden Road, EN3

Place Name

Named after the shipping port on the Arabian Peninsula. On January 18, 1839, the British East India Company landed Royal Marines at Aden. Their aims were to establish a supply port and to stop attacks by Arab pirates against British shipping to India. The British Government thereafter considered Aden to be an important settlement due to its location, as the Royal Navy could easily access the port for resupply and repairs. Later, British influence extended progressively into the hinterland, both west and east, leading to the establishment of the Aden Protectorate. The nearby Royal Small Arms Factory used to supply the troops of the British East India Company. The name of the street was first mentioned in 1893 when plans for six houses were submitted. In 1896 a few others were built on the marshes east of the Great Eastern Railway line and by 1972 the area was almost entirely industrial.


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