Yeading Avenue, HA2

Place Name

Running adjacent to Yeading Brook, which took its name from the very early Saxon settlement of Geddinges, meaning the people of Geddi, which is in modern day Hillingdon. The earliest surviving mention of Yeading dates from AD757, in which year Æthelbald of Mercia made a land grant which included the Geddinges and Fiscesburne (meaning the fishes stream an early name for the Crane or Yeading Brook). It featured again as Geddingas in the AD793 Anglo-Saxon charters in which Offa made a land grant to Æthelhard, Archbishop of Canterbury: “In the place called on linga Haese [Hayes] and Geddinges [Yeading] around the stream called Fiscesburna.” By 1325 it was referred to as Yeddings and Yeddyng in the 14thCentury.


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