Wolsey Road, N1

Place name

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (March 1473 – November 29, 1530) was Archbishop of York, Lord Chancellor of England, and a cardinal of the Catholic Church. It is one of a number of streets associated with Henry VIII who is said to have had a lodge on the south side of Newington Green as a base for hunting the wild bulls, stags and wild boars that roamed the surrounding forest. In 1523 a resident of the north side of the Green, the future 6th Earl of Northumberland, Henry Percy became engaged to Anne Boleyn. At the time he was page to Cardinal Wolsey. Lord Percy had not sought permission from either his father or the king, causing Wolsey to scold him and his father to refuse the marriage. He later found himself a member of the jury that convicted Anne of adultery. Wolsey’s career meanwhile came to a crashing halt after failing to negotiate Henry’s annulment to Catherine of Aragon, he fell out of favour and was stripped of his titles. Other streets in the area named after Tudor figures are King Henry Street, King Henry Walk, Boleyn Street, Tudor Court, Queen Margaret’s Grove, Mildmay Park, and Grove North.

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