Wellow Walk, SM5


Wellow Abbey in Lincolnshire was founded as a house for canons of the Augustinian order in about 1100 by King Henry I. Its name comes from the village of Wellow, once the ancient seat of the lords of Wellow. The abbey was built on a hill, hence the name, which literally means the hill spur by a spring, coming from the Old English elements Wella meaning spring or stream and hōh meaning spur. It is written as Welhou in about 1155 and Welhowe in 1272. The abbey was closed under the orders of Henry VIII in 1536 and later sold to Sir Thomas Heneage, who knocked it down and built a farmhouse on its site. Like many of the roads on the St Helier’s estate this is named after British monasteries and abbeys in remembrance of the area’s historic ownership by Westminster Abbey. The road names are in alphabetical order, of which Aberconway Road in the north west of the estate is first.

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