Vauxhall Street, SE11

Place Name

Takes its name from the local area. Falkes de Breauté (who died in 1226), the head of King John’s mercenaries, was granted land here in the 13thCentury following his marriage to Margaret, widow of Baldwin de Redvers. He built a house, which stood on approximately 31 acres in the royal manor of Kennington, featured in the records as Faukeshale in 1279, Faukeshalle in 1292 and La Sale Faukes in the Parish of Lamhyeth in 1293. The slow development to Vauxhall must have come sometime over the 17th and 18th centuries as it was referred to as Fauxhall around 1600 and eventually in 1719 as Vaux-Hall. The name grew in fame after the opening of nearby pleasure gardens, which inspired the grounds of Pavovsk Palace, in Russia, and gave them their name Voksal. So popular were the gardens that the first railway line in Russia ran from St Petersburg to Vokzal, which in turn gave the Russians the word for railway station.



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