Vanneck Square, SW15

Place Name

Joshua Vanneck (December 31, 1745 – August 15, 1816), Lord Huntingfield, bought Roehampton House, the former home of the Westons and the Countess of Devonshire. He was the son of a self-made London merchant who married Maria Thompson, the daughter of a local Roehampton landowner. In 1777 he had the property knocked down and rebuilt to the designs of James Wyatt with a Robert Adam overseeing the interior. The new property was called Roehampton Grove, and so clearing up a small local confusion as there were two Roehampton Houses in the area sometime between 1712 and 1777. Vanneck’s father, also called Joshua, had come to London in 1722 from The Hague, in the Netherlands. Here he joined his elder brother Gerard and the two made a substantial fortune in commerce.


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