Tresham Walk, E9

Place Name

Formerly Tresham Avenue. Named after Sir Thomas Tresham (1543 – September 11, 1605) who was a prominent Catholic rebel landowner in Elizabethan Northamptonshire, and father to one of the Gunpowder plotters. He was a grand prior (head) of the Order of St John and when the Order of Knights Templars were ordered to be shut during the dissolution, he bought their former land in Hackney. In the 1580s, Tresham was imprisoned in the Fleet Prison for harbouring Edmund Campion, a Jesuit priest. On release he was kept under house arrest at a Hoxton house, complaining that he was “badly lodged… his chamber being alloted over a noisesome kitchen, rudely and disjoinnedly boarded and not a whit ceiled”.

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