Titchfield Road, SM5


Titchfield Abbey, in the village of Titchfield, Hampshire, is a medieval monastery, one of several built by the Norman baron, Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester. Its first inhabitants arrived in 1222. The name comes from the Old English ticcen, meaning kid or young goat, and feld, meaning field. Therefore, open lands where kids are kept. In the 1086 Domesday Book the village is recorded as Ticefelle. After Henry VIII dissolved the monastery in 1537, it was acquired by the unscrupulous Tudor courtier Thomas Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, who converted it into a grand mansion. Like many of the roads on the St Helier’s estate this is named after British monasteries and abbeys in remembrance of the area’s historic ownership by Westminster Abbey. The road names are in alphabetical order, of which Aberconway Road in the north west of the estate is first.

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