Tillotson Road, IG1

Place name

Lady Elizabeth Tillotson (around 1639 – 1702) was the widow of John Tillotson, the archbishop of Canterbury and the niece of Oliver Cromwell, her mother Robina Wilkins was the youngest sister of Lord Protector. Tillotson bought the Valentine’s estate two years after her husband’s death and is believed to have got her son-in-law, James Chadwick, to rebuild or remodel the medieval mansion in 1696. The money may have come from the 2,500 guineas that she was given for the rights to her husband’s manuscripts which were largely attacks on the tenets of Roman Catholic doctrine. It didn’t remain in the family for long though as it was sold following Elizabeth’s death and after descending, the estate was split up with parts either sold or donated for development. This street, along with Emerson Road, The Square, Bethel Avenue, and Holcombe Road, was developed by Ilford Borough Council as The Ilford Garden Suburb in 1909.

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