Tillotson Road, HA3

Place Name

John Tillotson (October 1630 – November 22, 1694) was the archbishop of Canterbury from 1691 until his death. In one famous sermon he declared that Popery was “gross superstition” but he added “Papists, I doubt not, are made like other men.” Among his works was A Discourse Against Transubstantiation, the Roman Catholic belief that the bread (host) and wine given to the congregation during mass is turned into the body and blood of Christ when it is blessed by the priest. Like many of the streets around Harrow it is named after former archbishops of Canterbury, a reminder that they held Harrow manor off and on from at least AD825 until December 30, 1545, when Thomas Cranmer, was forced to hand it over to Henry VIII. Nearby roads include:¬†Augustine Road, Bancroft Road, Courtenay Avenue, Juxon Close, Secker Crescent, and Theobald Crescent among others.

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