Sutton Lane, EC1M

Place Name

Named after the Lincolnshire-born Thomas Sutton (1532 – December 12, 1611), a merchant and founder of the Charterhouse School and Hospital. He was well connected and became Master of Ordnance under Elizabeth I. When Sutton died he left an estate worth £4,836 per annum and a personal fortune of £50,000. This immense wealth earned him the nicknames among his contemporaries of Croesus and Riche Sutton. From 1611 until 1995 almost the whole of this district belonged to the Charterhouse (Sutton’s Hospital), a small estate lying just outside the Charterhouse wall and commercially let. Most of it had formerly belonged to the Carthusian priory from which the Charterhouse evolved, remaining with it when the priory passed into lay hands after dissolution in 1538.


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