Southwood Lane, N6

Place name

This led past Southwood common to Muswell Hill and was so named by 1601. Near here was the site of mid-18thCentury Southwood House which burned down in 1953. The site was offered for tender by the local authority and between 1958 and 1962 the Southwood House Estate was built to two designs by architects Andrews, Emerson, Sherlock & Keable. It was decided that as many of the existing mature trees and shrubs should be kept preserving the section running to the south of Hornsey Wood called Highgate Wood and Queen’s Wood. According to Sheila Fairfield in The Streets of London: “Fragments of the great Hornsey Wood, itself a fragment of the primeval great forest of Middlesex, remain as parks in Hornsey, Finsbury, Highgate and Hampstead.” In 1774 this was known also as Chapel Lane.




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