Shore Road, E9

Place Name

This is likely to have been inspired by the myth of how Shoreditch got its name. While historians believe that the local area got its name from water that ran across the area’s marshland, known as Soersditch, or Sewer’s Ditch. There is a romantic school of thought that elevates the story to royal circles. Following the annulment of her marriage Elizabeth Jane Shore (c. 1445 – c. 1527) took a string of lovers including Edward IV. When Richard III came to power he suspected her of aiding a plot against him. She was found guilty by an ecclesiastical court of promiscuousness and made to walk with a taper in her hand through the streets of London to St Pauls and afterwards imprisoned. Salvation came in the form of the Solicitor General who petitioned the King that she be released so that he could marry her. While the name does not apply to the area, it may apply to the street.

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