Pinner Road, HA1

Place Name

Directional the road leading from Harrow on the Hill to Pinner. First written down as Pinnora in 1232 it means either the pin-shaped river bank, referring to the humped ridge traversing Pinner Park, or the peg-shaped or pointed flat topped hill. The named was formed by the Old English words pinn and ōra, which David Mills in a Dictionary of London Place Names says referred to “the elongated ridge in Pinner Park, to the south of which is Lower Hill”. It has also been suggested that the first part pinn may be a reference to someone’s name and the second part may come from ōra, meaning hill or from the Latin for bank or slope. Either way the name stuck and by 1332 it was spelt Pinnere and in 1483 Pynnor.



2 thoughts on “Pinner Road, HA1”

  1. Thanks for putting this together. Hopefully you will add some more from the HA2 area. Very keen to learn more about the road names in North Harrow.

    1. Hello Georgia, thank you very much. We’ve now added a few more into HA2 and will come back to it soon. In the meantime if you have any suggestions, no matter how vague, for the origins of any local street names please let us know.

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