Pawsons Road, CR0

Place Name

William Pawson (August 16, 1794 – December 3, 1863) was a major local landowner during the 1800s. According to the 1847 Tithe map he owned the whole of the Whitehorse Estate which included the Whitehorse farm and the Beulah Spa grounds. Norwood Street Stories explains that: “He was a wealthy magistrate living in Farnley, a parish of Leeds, Yorkshire. He made his money as a woollen cloth manufacturer and merchant. He was never resident in Norwood but his name survives locally; Pawson’s Road, Pawson’s Arms and Pawson’s Place… He invested his money buying land in Norwood including the 50 acre Whitehorse farm where he employed three farmhands and a boy. As the land was heavy London clay it was probably a dairy farm producing milk for local customers. He became a local magistrate in Leeds but seems to have had no interest in Norwood other than land ownership, probably as an investment and to generate income”. Also spelt Pawson’s Road.

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