Painters Road, IG2

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The Painter family owned Aldborough Hall, that had been built in the 1830s, from the 1860s through to the First World War. Among its residents were Charles and Bessie Painter, who presented an organ to St Peter’s Church in 1898 in memory of their son, Charles Alec, who died on February 11, 1893, aged six months. The Painters sold it to a member of the McAdam family, known for its road-building technology. The road itself is one of the original routes built to allow access to the new farms that were introduced from around 1850 following the deforestation of Hainault Forest. Though it appears unnamed on the Ordnance Survey Map published in 1896. As for the property, it was used as an officers’ mess during World War II by the nearby Fairlop Airfield. Bob and Mary Garrett undertook major renovation and rebuilding after the war. Outbuildings were saved and incorporated into the building of the Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre, founded in 1956.


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