Page Avenue, HA9

Place Name

Richard Page from Wembley, a governor at Harrow School, took over the former Uxendon estate from the Bellamy family, who were relatives, in 1603. Like the Bellamys the Pages were also Roman Catholics and rebelled against the new Protestant regime, at least in the early days. By 1655, things had settled down and the Page family were able to advantage of the enclosure acts to divert old roads, altering one route through Preston East Field. The manor would doubtless have remained in the family had it not been inherited by Henry Page, described as a drunk of “weak intellect” who in 1825 was apparently swindled by a junior partner of his family solicitors and signed over the deeds. The lawyer Henry Young held on to the property until his death in 1869 when he ordered they be sold for the benefit of his own family. Uxendon Farm, also known as Uxendon Hall, stood near here.

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