Outram Road, E6

Place Name

Lieutenant-General Sir James Outram (29 January 1803 – 11 March 1863) was a commander serving with the British East India Company during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. He had previously distinguished himself in the First Afghan War and the Anglo-Persian War, where he successfully commanded an expedition against Iran in 1857 and was created lieutenant general. But it was in India that he won most admiration – being described by contemporaries as both modest and brave. Having lifted the siege of Lucknow, he so admired the defence of the town by Sir Henry Havelock, whose own rescue mission of the town had been aborted after he had lost too many men to ensure a successful escape, that he promoted him to Major General. For his own part Outram was seen as a brilliant administrator and military tactician. He died at Pau in the south of France and was buried at Westminster Abbey. He is one of a number of heroes of the British Empire who patriotic developers named streets after.

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