Old Jewry, EC2R

Place name

Originally called Colechurch Street. It was first mentioned as The Jewry in 1181 and was so-called after Jews were invited to settle in London by William the Conqueror. Dr Cecil Roth, writing in The Times in 1927, said: “After the Norman Conquest, Jewish financiers were naturally attracted to this virgin field of enterprise, originally coming over from Rouen in the wake of Duke William, if not at his express desire.” They settled on the area but suffered varying degrees of persecution down the years, which stepped up under the reign of Henry III. Following Edward I’s Edict of Expulsion of all Jews in 1290 the street became known as la Oldeiuwerie in 1328; la Elde June in 1336 and Juwerielane in 1348. The road was certainly built by the Romans as remains have been found.


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