Moodkee Street, SE16

Place Name

Commemorates the Battle of Moodkee (or Mudki), on the south bank of the Sutlej River in the Punjab in North West India, during the First Sikh War. The war began following the death of the Sikh leader Maharajah Ranjit Singh, popularly known as the Lion of Punjab. Singh was an astute ruler who maintained good relations with his neighbours, the British East India Company. However, aware of the company’s ambitions he built up his own forces. When he died in 1839 the Punjab fell into disorder as political intrigue superseded good governance. The British decided to reinforce their own troops along the border provoking the Sikhs to counter. On December 18, 1845, a detachment of Sikh cavalry attacked the British on the frontier line, the British however managed to repel the attack but the scene was set for large scale conflict.

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